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Mavis Clemons - Criminal Justice instructor

Mavis ClemonsMavis Clemons wants her students to understand that rehabilitation is the key for offenders successfully reentering their communities. That is one reason she changed careers so she could be a Criminal Justice instructor at Hazard Community and Technical College. Offenders can be successful with determination, good support systems, and proper aftercare or treatment. Some of the most important skills that students will need to acquire to work with this population are having good communication skills, being a good listener, and the ability to solve problems, Mrs. Clemons noted.

Her classes are Introduction to Criminalistics, Delinquency and Juvenile Justice Systems, Police Supervision, Criminal Investigations, and Criminal Procedures.

Prior to joining the faculty, Mrs. Clemons was the HCTC Work and Learn Coordinator, where she assisted students with career counseling, peer mentoring, life skills, and success seminars.

After college I spent eight years working with families and children in different occupations and I really enjoyed assisting those individuals reach their full potential. I believe that education is the key to being successful and I know that without attending college I would not be where I am today. I want to inspire and help my students achieve their educational and career goals, she said.

Walter Smith, Criminal Justice Program Coordinator, is glad to have Mrs. Clemons teaching classes. She is a wonderful addition to the program. Her student-first approach and knowledge in the field will be a great benefit to our students, he said.

Students in her class will enjoy her multiple ways of teaching, which include lectures, PowerPoints, assignments, real world scenarios, and discussions. I realize that all students learn differently and I try to change my teaching styles to meet the student s needs. Students often complete weekly quizzes, critical thinking exercises, as well as exams. All are used to measure their knowledge of the subjects, she noted.
Mrs. Clemons previous employment includes working as a School Based Clinician for Kentucky River Community Care for three years. She also was a Social Service Worker for the Department of Community Based Services in Paintsville.

She holds a bachelor s degree in Psychology and a master s degree in Corrections and Juvenile Justice, both from Eastern Kentucky University. She graduated from Magoffin County High School in 1998.
Mavis and her husband, Stephen Clemons, live in Hazard.

Anyone interested in the Criminal Justice program can contact Mavis Poe Clemons via email or calling 606-487-3262 or Walter Smith at (606) 487-3303.