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The Lees College Homecoming Celebration will be held on October 25 and 26, 2013 on the Lees College Campus of HCTC. The following is a celebration of a former Lees College student or students.

Lees College Alumni MomentJerry McIntosh, a 1981 graduate of Lees College, remembers Coach Cluster Howard visiting his home in Owsley County after his senior year in high school. Howard was the new coach at Lees and Jerry was a local basketball star. As they say, the rest is history. McIntosh played for Lees College and helped turn the school into a basketball power house known throughout the country. Jerry was the team s leading rebounder and scorer during his sophomore year at Lees. He went on to play at Union College where he received his business degree. Howard gives McIntosh and former guard Billy Joe Campbell much of the credit for helping turn the Lees basketball program into a top-notch program. Jerry and Billy were outstanding players who chose to attend Lees College. They had the talent and drive we needed to become a good program. Without them I am not sure we could have attained the success we did over the years.

Jerry returned to Lees to coach the Generals in 1995 and he had a lot of success during his two-year stint in that position. He also worked as admissions director at the college and he served as baseball coach for three years. Jerry s wife, Oneida, graduated from Lees and went on to become an outstanding teacher in the Owsley County school system. She recently retired after 27 years of teaching. Jerry s daughter and son attended the Lees College Campus and they are both graduates of HCTC. Daughter Austin works in Social Services and Adam is a registered nurse who completed the nursing program at HCTC. His youngest daughter, Alyssa, is currently in high school and will be taking classes at HCTC this fall. Jerry puts it well when he says Lees College has been a stepping stone for me and my family. In keeping with the KCTCS slogan Higher Education Begins Here congratulations to Jerry and the McIntosh family on such a worthwhile family endeavor!