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HCTC Ready to Work Program proves effective; Kelli Haddix story

Kelli Haddix

The Ready to Work program at Hazard Community and Technical College provides a great deal of assistance to students. Kelli Haddix is just one student who sings the praises of the program because it has helped her chart her life in a whole new direction. She knew working at minimum wage jobs would not provide a stable income for her family. As a single parent, she wanted to provide the very best for her son, so she enrolled in college. At age 32, she will graduate this year with a bachelor s degree.

I just don t think I could have done it without the Ready to Work program, she said. I had people counting on me and if I didn t show up for class, I would let them down. Kelli said she valued the support system she had at HCTC and praised the work of RTW Coordinator Sandy Campbell. She is always there for you, no matter what. If you need a shoulder to cry on she is there, Kelli said.

Kelli is looking forward to the day she no longer has to accept government assistance. Because of the stigma involved, she did not want to accept federal help at first because, in part, her family values of being self-supportive. I feel so lucky to have gotten so much help to finish my degree, and I hope that once I graduate I can, in return, use my education to also give back to others.

Now I now feel prepared to work in the professional world thanks to the on-the-job training I received through the Ready To Work program. The training included workshops that range from resume building to how to budget expenses, Kelli said.

With an associate degree in hand from HCTC, Kelli took classes through the University Center of the Mountains. She is presenting earning a Human Services and Counseling degree through Lindsey Wilson College. Besides being a student, she has an internship with the state, working in social services through the Protection and Permanency office. She very much enjoys this type of work because she wants to make a difference and help others.

Her college experience was enhanced by being an HCTC Student Ambassador. There were so many opportunities for me that I would not have been able to do otherwise. I have a real passion for helping others and we were able to help fellow students through this program.

Sandy Campbell, Ready to Work coordinator, noted, Kelli is a perfect example of how education and the Ready to Work program empowers our students to set and achieve their goals. I am so pleased to see her success.

Kelli is a 1999 Perry County Central graduate. She and her son, Andy, age five, live in Hazard.