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HCTC music students win contest; open for Sammy Kershaw

musiciansRyan Davidson, Lindsey Branson, and Randy McKinney won the WAXM contest with their performance of Oh, Tonight and opened for Sammy Kershaw at the Virginia Kentucky district fair in Wise County, Va.

Students with the Kentucky School of Bluegrass and Traditional Music get a lot of experience performing before a crowd and graduate Lindsey Branson says that experience helped her and fellow students win a competition by WAXM radio at the Virginia - Kentucky district fair.

Winning the competition meant Branson, Ryan Davidson and Randy McKinney got to open for Sammy Kershaw and included prize money. Performing Oh, Tonight by Josh Abbott Band and Kacey Musgraves was a real crowd pleaser.

These Hazard Community and Technical College students continue to perform. They were at the Southern Ohio Opry on Aug. 27 and plan to be at the Knott County Trail on October 6.

The school helped us a lot in many ways. One being that we are all so close and so used to playing with each other on a daily basis. Also, getting to travel and play music with the school really helped us experience what we need to do when we're on stage, what to say, how to act before shows and who to talk to, figuring out sounds, etc., noted Branson.

Dean Osborne, director of the Kentucky School of Bluegrass and Traditional Music, noted, This is the kind of opportunity these students have prepared for, both in and out of the classroom. They never know when the chances will come, but they are ready when they do. Lindsey, Ryan and Randy have had a professional attitude and work ethic from day one and given their tremendous natural talent, have become some of the very best musicians to come out of KSBTM. I could not be more proud of them!

Branson lives in Hazard. She is an HCTC music school graduate, currently attending Middle Tennessee State University

Davidson of Rockhouse in Leslie County, is currently enrolled in HCTC music classes.

McKinney of Akron, Ohio, also graduated but decided stay at the school another semester and take a few extra classes.

As the three think back on their June 6 and 7 experience, they are pleased they could perform before big crowds and they look forward to performing more.