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HCTC honors Deans List students for fall semester

The following Hazard Community and Technical College students have been named to the Dean s List for the fall 2014 semester. To be named to the Dean s List a student must have attained a grade point average of 3.5 or higher on a 4.0 scale and successfully complete at least 12-18 KCTCS semester credits of course work numbered 100 or above (excluding any courses considered developmental). Those honored are:

Breathitt County
Cassie Rene Akemon of Altro, David Lee Back of Jackson, Kimberlin Kaylene Barnett of Lost Creek, Michelle Leeann Brewer of Jackson, Andrea Markay Campbell of Jackson, Kelsey Paige Carico of Jackson, Alyce Dot Combs of Lost Creek, Dekayla Mackenzie Combs of Jackson, Vicey A. Combs of Clayhole, Rachael Elizabeth Durham of Jackson, Dakota Luke Fugate of Jackson, Derek Dwayne Hall of Jackson, Jama Lasha Halvaksz of Jackson, Jacob Randall Hudson of Jackson, Lizzie Kaye Hudson of Lost Creek, Michael W Hutchinson of Jackson, Ashley Nicole Johnson of Jackson, Jeremy Shawn Lindon of Jackson, Whitney Jana Lucas of Jackson.

And, Ronald Lee Moore of Jackson, Jessica Teneil Mullins of Jackson, Kimberly Denise Napier of Jackson, Chelsea Samara Neace of Jackson, Kasey Douglas Noble of Jackson, Kati Nicole Noble of Jackson, Kristie Elaine Noble of Lost Creek, Tiffany Sue Noble of Jackson, Kaitlin Nicole Pennington of Jackson, Edgar Raleigh of Jackson, Kari Beth Roark of Jackson, Kayla Jean Romero of Campton, Charles A Russell of Jackson, Shawna Denise Stacy of Clayhole, Donald W Turner of Jackson, Emily Allison Turner of Jackson, George Anthony Turner of Vancleve, Dallas Alexia Warren of Jackson, and Jessica Gabrielle Watkins of Clayhole,

Bullitt County
Ashley Nicole Cox of Mount Washington.

Clark County
Heather Elaine Smith of Winchester.

Clay County
Austin Timothy Collett of Big Creek, Melissa Frazier of Manchester, Seth Joseph Griffin of Big Creek, Alicia Dawn Madden of Manchester, and Dakota Barry Smith of Big Creek.

Fayette County
Donna L. Rocca of Lexington.

Floyd County
Ashley Marie Bartley of Prestonsburg, Julie Lynne Compton of Prestonsburg, Cassandra Leslie Hyden of Mc Dowell, Hannah Brooke MacElhose of Wayland, Emily Paige Marsillett of Prestonsburg, Shawn Douglas Porter of Allen, Theodore Lukas Ratliff of Prestonsburg, and Kristian Nicole Waugh of Allen.

Green County
Victoria L. Watson of Greensburg.

Harlan County
Kaitlin Marie Whitehead of Bledsoe.

Jackson County
Ashley Nicole Isaacs of McKee.

Jefferson County
John Paul Turner of Louisville.

Knott County
Carmen H. Adams of Pippa Passes, Ronisha Shiann Adams of Sassafras, Kyle Demont Amburgey of Leburn, Shawna Michelle Bates of Topmost, Rodney N. Bentley of Topmost, Devaudrey H. Bixler of Emmalena, Lakyn Tashae Bolen of Pine Top, Justin Darrell Calhoun of Vest, Rachel Kaylee Combs of Emmalena, Chandra Kent Dobson of Hindman, Victoria Carol Duncan of Mousie, Rhonda Gail Eversole of Mallie, Benjamin Michael Fugate of Hindman, Courtney Mishala Hall of Fisty, Kaitlin Amber Hall of Littcarr, Michaela Denise Hall of Pine Top.

And, Marcie Lynn Heinz of Kite, Billy J. Helton of Fisty, Joshua Dean Jones of Leburn, Kelsey Rhaeann Martin of Topmost, Brenda Lashae Noble of Pine Top, Courtney Paige Patrick of Leburn, Bethany Lenee Perkins of Hindman, Brandie Tenae Pratt of Carrie, Cody Nathaniel Ritchie of Vicco, Tiffany Danielle Skiles of Sassafras, Cassandra Lee Slone of Vest, Kevin Wesley Slone of Carrie, Tia Marie Slone of Hindman, Ashley Nicole Taylor of Hindman, Saundra Jean Thacker of Hindman, Natasha Thomas of Kite, Amber Nicole Triplett of Garner, Kommi Lynnette Webb of Hindman, and Leah Frances White of Fisty.

Laurel County
Jennifer G. Adams of London, Taylor Brooke Clontz of East Bernstadt, Robin Lynn Lane of London, Starla Brooke Roark of East Bernstadt, and Kacie Lynn Schott of London.

Lee County
Madison Taylor Combs of Beattyville, Jamie Lea Anne Deaton of Beattyville, Tammy Jean Evans of Beattyville, and Kelsey Rose Smith of Beattyville.

Leslie County
Kelly Nicole Asher of Hyden, Randy Edward Asher of Hyden, Crystal Lynn Baker of Yeaddiss, Hurlen Lee Baker of Smilax, Jennifer Baker of Wooton, Rebecca A. Baker of Wooton, Kasey Cheyenne Barrett of Roark, Ladonya Gay Bishop of Hyden, Misty Dawn Bowling of Hyden, Ronald Wayne Bowling of Yeaddiss, Christopher Trent Caldwell of Roark, Mary Katherine Caudill of Wooton, Latoya Toni Couch of Essie, Paul Dean Day of Wooton, April Dawn Dixon of Wooton, John Jarred Feltner of Hyden, Sharon Raylonda Gibson of Bear Branch, Elaina Madison Gilliam of Wooton, Kendra Lynne Gray of Wooton.

And, Russell Chase Gross of Yeaddiss, Morgan Victoria Hacker of Hyden, Christian Trey Hendrix of Hyden, Austin Lee Hubbard of Hyden, Makayla Huff of Wooton, Brooke Leanna Johnson of Stinnett, Gabrielle Gaynel Joseph of Yeaddiss, Zachary Isaac Kaplan of Hyden, Sabrina Noel Larabee of Bear Branch, Carol Bernice Lewis of Hyden, Tony Edward Lewis of Wooton, Rebecca Ann Mitchell of Yeaddiss, Donna Gail Morgan of Hoskinston, Johnny James Morgan of Stinnett, Linda Elaine Morgan of Stinnett.

Also, Alicia Danielle Napier of Essie, Austin Tyler North of Wooton, Timothy Lee Pilkins of Yeaddiss, Brandon Keith Roberts of Stinnett, Adron Brian Simpson of Hyden, Cody Nathaniel Sizemore of Stinnett, Thomas Jackson Sizemore of Hyden, Zachary Buck Sizemore of Roark, Jared David Smith of Essie, Jonathan Treatch Smith of Stinnett, William D. Spencer of Wooton, David Lee Weaver of Hyden, Jordan Dakota Wells of Smilax, and Anthony David Wooton of Hyden.

Letcher County
Caitlin Corinne Amburgey of Whitesburg, Stephen Shade Boggs of Whitesburg, Helen F. Brunty of Letcher, Hilton Raequan Dixon of Whitesburg, Brittany Alexandra Frazier of Whitesburg, Norman Clark Hensley of Cornettsville, Trevor Austin Napier of Whitesburg, Tommy Dane Seals of Whitesburg, and Whitney Leeann Stamper of Whitesburg.

Magoffin County
Haley Brooke Barnett and Kelsey Rae Ratliff, both of Salyersville.

Morgan County
Melissia Lynn Daniels of Ezel.

Owsley County
Jacob T. Addison, Nicholas L. Banks, Cambriana Elizabeth Bobrowski, Kaitlyn Paige Bowling, Charis Paige Brandenburg, Melinda Kaye Bush, Kaylee Hannah Campbell, Ryan Lee Caudell, Autumn Nashae Henrion, Bonnie Lynne Hensley, Kennedi Ashton Little, Chelsea Alyse Marshall, Timothy Blaine Marshall, Logan Taylor Peters, Teresa Preston, and Catarina Noel Stepp, all of Booneville.

Perry County
Brandi Leann Abner of Buckhorn, Raven Carl Akers of Yerkes, Timothy James Amburgey of Ary, Rachel Katherine Asher of Hazard, Cillesha Ann Ashworth of Viper, Dakota Brooke Baker of Hazard, Derrick Ethan Baker of Hazard, Kaitlyn Baker of Hazard, Kristin Nicole Baker of Hazard, Tierra Brooke Barnett of Hazard, Mikenzi Shea Barton of Hazard, Mable Luellen Begley of Hazard, Lauren Mackenzie Bowling of Hazard, Lindsey L. Branson of Viper, Robert William Brigman of Hazard, Trevor Brock of Avawam, Sarah K. Callihan of Hazard, Amanda Brooke Campbell of Hazard, Eulene Caudill of Cornettsville.

And, Vivian A. Caudill of Vicco, Jamie Marie Clay of Chavies, Kelly Cockrell of Bulan, Dan Ryan Cody of Hazard, Ashley Lynn Colwell of Hazard, Charlotte Faye Combs of Viper, Craig T. Combs of Hazard, Gina Alcontin Combs of Hazard, Jessie Lee Combs of Hazard, Joanie Lynn Combs of Chavies, Makayla Kristian Combs of Busy, Rhonda R. Combs of Combs, Zachary Taylor Combs of Hazard, Kristin Leann Commes of Hazard, Kayla Marie Couch of Bonnyman, Alexis Danielle Creech of Hazard, Courtney Dawn Creech of Hazard, Bridgette L. Cuddy of Hazard, Kaitlyn Nicole Cundiff of Hazard, Taylor Renee Day of Hazard.

Also, Jessica Renee Deaton of Ary, Kevin M. Deaton of Chavies, Valerie Leann Dixon of Hazard, Maggie Ann Duff of Bonnyman, Jonathan Edwards of Hazard, Jordan Jay Epperson of Hazard, Kristina L. Epperson of Hazard, Melanie Dawn Erwin of Hazard, Jessica Carolyn Evans of Hazard, Jacob Shane Eversole of Hazard, Ray L. Fletcher of Avawam, Harry Francis of Hazard, Dylan Cody Fugate of Hazard, Catherine Hanna Gabbard of Gays Creek, April Denise Gadbury of Bonnyman, Mark Thomas Garry of Chavies, Courtney La'nell Gibson of Bonnyman, Virgena H. Goodrich of Vicco, Denise A. Griffith of Hazard, Anthony S. Grigsby of Hazard.

And, Chanda Noel Hall of Chavies, Dustin Hall of Viper, Lisa Renee Hamilton of Hazard, Dwayne Logan Harris of Slemp, Makenzie Brooke Herald of Hazard, Amanda Rhae Hill of Hazard, Kimberly Ann Hopper of Bulan, John O. Howard of Hazard, Joanna Michelle Inserra of Combs, Kalena Breanne Ison of Cornettsville, Micha Nicole Ison of Combs, Amy Renee Johnson of Chavies, Daphne L. Johnson of Hazard, Karla Johnson of Buckhorn, Angeline Rhea Jones of Chavies, Cody Stephen Jones of Hazard, Katherine Jones of Hazard, Erik Richard Keaton of Hazard, Carl R. Ketron Jr. of Hazard, Rebecca Jean Kilbourne of Avawam, Joe Eagle Kingery of Hazard, Gary Wayne Lewis of Happy, Stefan John Lewis of Hazard.

Also, Wesley Steven Lewis of Busy, Adam Henry Linz of Hazard, Jessalyn Brooke Lockhart of Hazard, Lily Revena Maggard of Hazard, Susan Elizajane Mcintosh of Busy, Jeremy Ryan Mcmahan of Hazard, Roscoe Melton Jr. of Avawam, Mary Crystal Miller of Hazard, Shalene Nicole Miller of Vicco, Timothy Dylan Miller of Bulan, Jonathan Aaron Moore of Hazard, Corey Wayne Mullis of Bulan, Lauren C. Noble of Hazard, Sophia Dawn Noplis of Hazard, Chasidy Lynn Palacios of Dwarf, Chelsea Kalene Patrick of Hazard, Kendra Louise Quillen of Bonnyman, Tiffany Lauren Quinlan of Hazard, Brittany Rexann Riley of Bonnyman.

And, Danny W. Riley of Hazard, Jesse Lee Riley of Hazard, Keesha L. Riley of Hazard, Latricia Ann Ritchie of Hazard, Michael C. Ritchie of Hazard, Dustin Robinet of Hazard, Kelsey Shyann Sizemore of Vicco, William Corey Slone of Hazard, Britt R. Smith of Dwarf, Don Ray Smith of Bulan, Hayley D. Smith of Hazard, Anna Elaine Stamper of Buckhorn, Kristina Brooke Stamper of Busy, Caitlin Miles Szabo of Hazard, Mikka Ashton Trent of Buckhorn, Jacob Isom Tucker of Bonnyman, Devin Michael Turner of Hazard, Michael Blue Vires of Chavies, Shelly Marie Wells of Vicco, and Patricia Jennifer West of Hazard.

Pike County
Stephanie Leann Allen of Pikeville, Sherry Lynn Harris of Virgie, and Patricia Ann Robinson of Pikeville.

Powell County
Tina Marie Sears of Stanton.

Wolfe County
Lauren Michelle Banks of Campton, Hannah Elizabeth Brewer of Pine Ridge, William Jacob Brewer of Hazel Green, Junnie Marie Brooks of Campton, Samuel Mason Brown of Campton, Martika Don Collinsworth of Campton, Trevor Lawrence Cox of Campton, Belinda Ferguson of Campton, Susan Marie Glover of Hazel Green, Lynsey Judiah Hunter Graham of Campton, Kelly Renae Hollon of Campton, James Taylor Kash of Rogers, Linda Sue Patrick of Campton, Kayla S Perry of Campton, Kelli Shawn Ratliff of Campton, Elsie Faye Rose of Campton, Crystal Gail Smith of Campton, Nancy Sierra Elizabeth Spencer of Campton, Stephanie Lyn Terry of Campton, and Samantha Brooke Walker of Campton.

Out of State
Javier E Martinez of El Paso, Texas.