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Hazard Clinic hires HCTC employees

Hazard Clinic supports HCTC through hiring, involvement

When Hazard Clinic needs a good employee, they find HCTC graduates are their best bet. The HCTC graduates I have hired have been excellent, noted Annie Williams, Hazard Clinic administrator. They are able to do the work. They are eager to do the tasks with training.

At this time, we have graduates from nursing, radiography, lab personnel, CNA and information technology. We have employees who are current students in the RN program, and phlebotomy, noted Ms. Williams who personally also has several HCTC degrees.

The Hazard Clinic first opened its doors in 1957. Dr. Mitch Wicker started his clinic in 1983 and then bought the Hazard Clinic in the early 1990s and HCTC graduates have been filling positions ever since. The Clinic services provided include Internal Medicine Clinic, Pediatric Clinic, Housecall Program, Evening Clinic, in-house laboratory, x ray, echocardiography, ultrasound, CT, MRI, bone density studies, ABI, stress testing, and holter monitoring.

The interest Annie Williams has in the success of HCTC extends beyond hiring practices. She serves on the Medical Information Technology Advisory Committee, the Greater Hazard Area Performing Arts Series Board of Directors, and is a past Board Member for the Challenger Learning Center of Kentucky. Other clinic professionals also serve on advisory boards at the College.

Hazard Clinic s owner, Dr. Wicker, demonstrates his dedication to HCTC by serving as chair of the Hazard Independent College Foundation. He was elected to the position in February, succeeding Tony Whitaker who had served 10 years in that position. The leadership of Dr. Wicker and Annie Williams has been tremendous and their leadership in the community and at the College is very much appreciated, noted HCTC President/CEO Dr. Allen Goben.

Dr. Wicker started a scholarship in honor of his son Mitch Wicker, has been a major contributed to the Cordell Williams Scholarship Fund which was created in honor of his father-in-law. He has been a supporter of the Greater Hazard Area Performing Arts Series through his financial contributions as well as community support through his service on the performing arts board. He has been very active in various community projects.

HCTC is so very important to this community. The college touches my life through the graduates we hire, through the arts series -- the connections are multi-faceted. I want to see the College succeed in each and every endeavor, Dr. Wicker said.

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