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HCTC success story: Kaitlyn Eversole

Kaitlyn Eversole is a Medical Coder who is currently enjoying her job as a team leader for the Deaconess Clinic for Healthcare Resource Solutions in Evansville, IN. Eversole is a May 2017 of Hazard Community and Technical College, completing her coursework through HCTC online programming, and she is thankful she had that option since she is a single mother.

Eversole is a 2012 Hazard High School graduate. HCTC’s training qualified her to pass the medical coding exam, and she has added additional family practice specialty certification. She was hired by a community college in Indiana to teach their medical coding and billing classes.

While enrolled at HCTC, Eversole really enjoyed her classes. “I never really excelled in the regular subjects until this program; I felt the classes were taught very well,”

Stephanie Vergne, Program Coordinator for the Medical Information Technology, said she enjoys seeing the success of students. “Kaitlyn enrolled in January 2016 and by May 2017, she had the credential in hand to get a job. That is a very short time commitment for someone looking for a career,” she said.

Eversole recommends HCTC to others. “This is a great program for anyone who wants the job security of the medical field without having to get into the medical component. This administrative option gives students the opportunity to work as a transcriptionist, scribe, medical office coordinator, or medical coder, for example.  The fact that the classes were mainly online was beneficial for me,” she said. “My aunt Donna Roark works at the college and she talked me into going into the program,” she added.

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