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HCTC students named to Dean's List

The following Hazard Community and Technical College students have been named to the Dean s List for the spring 2014 semester. To be named to the Dean s List a student must have attained a grade point average of 3.5 or higher on a 4.0 scale and successfully complete at least 12-18 KCTCS semester credits of course work numbered 100 or above (excluding any courses considered developmental). Those honored, by county, are:

David Lee Back of Jackson, Kyle Thomas Baker of Jackson, Kimberlin Kaylene Barnett of Lost Creek, Mary Allene Bryant of Jackson, Tara Lanene Bryant of Jackson, Jennifer Bush of Jackson, Keesha M. Campbell of Jackson, Kelsey Paige Carico of Jackson, Teresa Gail Church of Jackson, Jonathan David Collins of Lost Creek, Glen Alan Combs of Lost Creek, Robin Rachelle Combs of Jackson, Noah Wyatt Cornett of Jackson, Frank Allen Fletcher of Jackson, Bobby Ray Fraley of Clayhole, Dakota Luke Fugate of Jackson, Tammy Lynn Fugate of Jackson, Kelli Raelynn Gillum of Jackson, Lona Rachellea Greenwood of Jackson, Sabrina Marie Herrington of Jackson, Kayla Lynn Hounshell of Jackson, Jacob Randall Hudson of Jackson, Michael Wayne Hutchinson of Vancleve, Laura Golden Elizabeth Johnson of Jackson. And, Grethel Marguerite Jones of Jackson, Joseph Ray Jones of Jackson, Michael Garland Maggard of Jackson, Kaley Breale Miller of Jackson, Caylon Napier of Jackson, Kimberly Denise Napier of Jackson, Alexander Douglas Noble of Jackson, Kasey Douglas Noble of Jackson, Kati Nicole Noble of Jackson, Kristen Nicole Ritchie of Rousseau, Sherrianne N. Robinson of Jackson, Priscilla Ann Southwood of Lost Creek, Karissa Stamper of Booneville, Heather N Thompson of Jackson, Erica Ruth Turner of Jackson, Dallas Alexia Warren of Jackson, Jessica Gabrielle Watkins of Clayhole, Brenton Gregory Watts of Jackson, Emily Lois White of Jackson, and Millie Lou White of Lost Creek.

Heather Elaine Smith of Winchester.

Tyra Leann Clem of Sextons Creek and Felix Grundy Gilbert II of Big Creek.

Donna L Rocca of Lexington.

Ashley LaRae Alex Allen of Bypro, Brandi LeAnn Brown of Betsy Layne, Lauren Kate Howard of Garrett, Hannah Brooke MacElhose of Wayland, and Ashley Marie Patrick of Prestonsburg,

Jewlia Lynn Francis of Fisty, Benjamin Michael Fugate of Hindman, Austin Tyler Hensley of Emmalena, Kayla Danielle Miller of Vest, Clinton Chase Revis of Hindman, Cody Nathaniel Ritchie of Vicco, Brett Lee Roberts of Topmost, Ruth Anna Robertson of Leburn, April Sandlin of Mallie, Misty Louise Slone of Pinetop,Amber Morgan Smith of Leburn, Britney Denea Smith of Bulan, Audra A Stamper of Mallie, Timothy Ryan Thacker of Mallie, Natasha Thomas of Kite, Vanessa Marie Thornsberry of Raven, Jarred Austin Waddles of Topmost, Michael Garfield White of Hindman, and Steven T. White of Hindman.

Jennifer G Adams of London and Talora Nichole Gay of London.

Jamie Lea Anne Deaton of Beattyville, Tammy Jean Evans of Beattyville, Jordan Ruth Frye of Beattyville, Lindsey Monjoy Hobbs of Beattyville, Ashly Renay Hogan of Beattyville, Alicia L Liesegang of Beattyville, Tina Nicole Lucas of Beattyville, Elizabeth Ann Perdue of Beattyville, Brianna Lynee Traylor of Beattyville, and Mary Vanderpool of Beattyville.

Samantha Michelle Asher-Cornett of Wooton, Eric Daniel Barger of Hyden, Carolan Bariteau of Hyden, Paul Francis Bariteau of Hyden, Rhonda Brashear of Hyden, Christopher Trent Caldwell of Roark, Kimberly M Couch of Wooton, Lanaya Alexandra Couch of Hyden, Kelsey Leigh Crisp of Wooton, Donna Fields of Wooton, Sharon Raylonda Gibson of Bear Branch, Kendra Lynne Gray of Wooton, Brandi Nicole Hacker of Bear Branch, Christian Trey Hendrix of Hyden, Franjessica Nikita Hensley of Essie, Tori Anissa Howard of Helton.

And, David Chad Jackson of Roark, Brooke Leanna Johnson of Stinnett, Eric Daniel Kilburn of Wooton, Alicia Rose Lyle of Hyden, Linda Elaine Morgan of Stinnett, Destini Rekale Muncy of Hyden, Alicia Danielle Napier of Essie, Allison Shane Napier of Hyden, Eugenia Ann North of Stinnett, Rhonda Gaye Osborne of Wooton, Wanona Ann Rice of Bearbranch, Adron Brian Simpson of Hyden, Cody Nathaniel Sizemore of Stinnett, Thomas Jackson Sizemore of Hyden, Connie Louise Stevens of Yeaddiss, Denia Renea Turner of Wooton, and Erik Young of Hyden,

Sydney Blair Back of Hallie, Cory Scott Brock of Mayking, Olivia Jade Collins of Premium, Nicholas W Cook of Thornton, Hilton Raequan Dixon of Whitesburg, Matthew Izak Dyal of Whitesburg, Bobby James Ison of Hallie, Scott Allen Johnson of Mc Roberts, Ida Elizabeth Lewis of Hallie, Joseph Daniel McCray of Whitesburg, Derek Lynn Sexton of Ermine, Johnathon Dakota Sizemore of Whitesburg, Kimberlee Michelle Smallwood of Whitesburg, Herby Ellis Smith of Whitesburg, Karen Ashley Stidham of Whitesburg, and Kelly Jean Ann Wynn of Isom.

Gina Michelle Stacy of Richmond.

Dona Sue Callahan of Jeffersonville.

Melissia Lynn Daniels and Michael Paul Fugate, both of Ezel.

Ashley L Banks of Booneville, Robin Barrett of Booneville, Candice Elaine Bowman of Booneville, Courtney Peige Brewer of Booneville, Robert Ashton Burch of Booneville, Ryan Lee Caudell of Booneville, Sierra Sky Colwell of Booneville, Joslyn B Cope of Booneville, Roneica N Frye of Booneville, Deaton E Gabbard of Booneville, Joshua Michael Gumm of Booneville, Travis Bige Marshall of Booneville, Felecia Diamond Million of Booneville, Matthew Chester Seale of Booneville, and Tiffany Laura Marie Seale of Booneville.

Perry County
Raven Carl Akers of Yerkes, Amr Elsayed Ali of Bonnyman, Rachel Katherine Asher of Hazard, Misty Dawn Baker of Hazard, Timothy Dylan Baker of Busy, Mikenzi Shea Barton of Hazard, Tessa Michelle Beder of Hazard, Kelley Michelle Beverly of Vicco, David Bishop of Hazard, Amanda Sue Blair of Combs, Laura Brashear of Bulan, Sarah Alexandra Brashear of Scuddy, Robert William Brigman of Hazard, Teela Marie Burdick of Hazard, Myrtle Jean Bush of Dwarf, Sarah K Callihan of Hazard, Amanda Brooke Campbell of Hazard, Cody Trent Campbell of Hazard, Kayla Lee Carroll of Hazard, Corissa Rose Caudill of Viper, Jimmy Lee Caudill of Bulan, Vivian A Caudill of Vicco, Brittany Lynn Claussen of Combs.

And, Dereck Craig Colwell of Vicco, Jeffery Scott Combs of Happy, Joanie Lynn Combs of Chavies, Jordan Dominique Combs of Bulan, Karen S Combs of Bulan, Nyoka Nicole Combs of Hazard, Stacey Nicole Combs of Hazard, Tabitha Combs of Bonnyman, Charles Eugene Combs II of Combs, Glenn Clifton Cornett of Hazard, Janice Elaine Crider of Jeff, Jessica LaDonna Cupp of Hazard, Kevin M Deaton of Hazard, Valerie Leann Dixon of Hazard, Maggie Ann Duff of Bonnyman, Patrick Conor Duff of Hazard, Shalene Nicole Dunn of Vicco, Kenneth Randall Durkin of Hazard, Charlie C Elrod of Happy, Ancil W. Epperson of Hazard, Jordan Jay Epperson of Hazard, James Eric Everidge of Hazard.

Also, David M Eversole of Vicco, Samantha Octavia Eversole of Chavies, Sonya Ann Fields of Viper, Ray L Fletcher of Avawam, Shaina Jo Fletcher of Combs, Sylvia Elyse Fryman of Bonnyman, Catherine Hanna Gabbard of Gays Creek, April Denise Gadbury of Bonnyman, Jeremy Gadbury of Bonnyman, William B Gayhart of Hazard, Brian Wayne Gibson of Combs, Courtney La'nell Gibson of Bonnyman, Tabitha Jamie Gray of Hazard, Makensey Nata' Gunter of Viper, Lisa Renee Hamilton of Hazard, Marjorie Lynn Hammonds of Hazard, Rodney S Holbrook of Hazard, Carolene Huff of Hazard, Angela Hurt of Hazard.

And, Joanna Michelle Inserra of Combs, Robert Dwayne Jewell of Bonnyman, Destini Rae Jones of Hazard, Harlow Jones of Chavies, Erik Richard Keaton of Hazard, Joe Eagle Kingery of Hazard, Gary Wayne Lewis of Happy, Jessalyn Brooke Lockhart of Hazard, Miranda Lynn Logan of Hazard, Bobby Marcum of Hazard, Kayla Marie Mccaffrey of Hazard, Paula Ann McDaniel of Yerkes, Jennifer Elaine McIntyre of Bonnyman, Amy Lauren McKnight of Viper, Megan Denisa Meade of Viper, Christy Lee Melton of Hazard, Amanda Jo Miller of Hazard, Amanda S Miller of Chavies, Mary Crystal Miller of Hazard, Sharon Morris of Hazard, Amy Davonne Neace of Chavies, Tonya Lynn Newberry of Krypton.

Also, Michael S Nix of Bulan, Melissa Kaye Noble of Hazard, Stephanie Ann Noble of Cornettsville, Sophia Dawn Noplis of Hazard, Chasidy Lynn Palacios of Dwarf, Alex Michael Pelfrey of Hazard, Stella N Pennington of Hazard, Katelyn Ann Pirotina of Hazard, Jessica R Powell of Vicco, Phillip H. Powell of Vicco, Michael Paul Pratt of Viper, Sarah Elizabeth Pratt of Hazard, Tiffany Lauren Quinlan of Hazard, Bryan Allen Rankin of Hazard, Kimberlee Claire Ray of Scuddy, Soha Rehimy of Hazard, Jason Kyle Richie of Hazard, Keesha L Riley of Hazard, Savannah Ashley Roark of Viper, Dustin Robinet of Hazard, Kenny Wayne Scott of Hazard, Natasha Sue Sebastian of Hazard, Monica Mae Setser of Hazard.

And, Cynthia Nichole Sizemore of Vicco, Tammy Charlene Sizemore of Hazard, Rodney Slone of Combs, Deborah Smith of Hazard, Kayla Marie Stacy of Bulan, Amanda Margaret Standafer of Hazard, Daniel Seth Stidham of Bulan, Malissa Lynn Strong of Hazard, Marcus Lee Sumner of Vicco, Caitlin Miles Szabo of Hazard, Kelly Ann Tackett of Viper, Devin Michael Turner of Hazard, Lyle Bruce Turner of Yerkes, Cara Marie Vanvranken of Hazard, Michael Blue Vires of Chavies, Justin A Wagers of Bulan, Brittany Nicole Walker of Hazard, Desiree Symone Walker of Hazard, Hannah B Webb of Hazard, Tori Shay Wells of Hazard, Kirby Whitaker of Hazard, Charla Michelle White of Hazard, Sandra Elaine White of Hazard, Jessica Sarah Kay Williams of Hazard, and Alisa Kay Young of Hazard.

Safia Mae Sword of Pikeville.

Tina Marie Sears of Stanton.

Lauren Michelle Banks of Campton, Junnie Marie Brooks of Campton, Kevin Douglas Caldwell of Campton, Brandy Rose Clemons of Campton, James Cockerham of Campton, Chelsea Renee Dunn of Campton, Belinda Ferguson of Campton, Susan Marie Glover of Hazel Green, Lynsey Judiah Hunter Graham of Campton, Kelly Renae Hollon of Campton, Peggy Elaine Jamison of Rogers, Joshua Wayne Miller of Campton, Gregory Lee Perry of Campton, Elsie Faye Rose of Campton, and Samantha Brooke Walker of Campton.

Out of State
Hannah Nicole Everage of North Canton, Ohio.