HCTC Libraries awarded National Endowment for the Humanities Grant for Small Libraries

HCTC was recently awarded a grant from National Endowment (NEH) for the Humanities to support public programming. The grant represents collaboration among the NEH, the American Library Association, Tribeca Film Institute, and The Society for American Music, who provided consulting services for the project.

Funding will support America s Music: A Film History of Our Popular Music from Blues to Bluegrass to Broadway. Six public programs highlighting the musical genres of blues and gospel, Broadway, jazz, bluegrass and country, rock n roll, mambo and hip hop will include documentary film screenings hosted by Professor Ron Reed, who will serve as program scholar. Reed will lead the discussions of twentieth-century American popular music. Programs will begin in September 2013 and include selected musical performances. Documentary films used in the presentations will become part of the permanent collection of HCTC Libraries.

The upcoming programs will offer an opportunity for audiences to experience the unique role of music in America s history.

For additional information contact Cathy Branson, Director of Library Services at Cathy.Branson@kctcs.edu or by calling 1-800-246-7521, ext. 73550.