HCTC honors employees for 30, 25, 20, 15, 10, and 5 years of service

30 years of service recognition

Professor Ralph Kidd of Hazard, Occupational Technologies Division, is honored for 30 years of service. Not shown: Tammy Richie.

25 years of service recognition

Spanish Professor Scott May of Hazard, Professor Lisa Ison of Isom, Heritage, Humanities, and Fine Arts Division, and Tammy Duff of Hazard, Admissions Advisor, are honored for 25 years of service.

20 years of service recognition

Kristy Creech of Emmalena, Administrative Assistant, and Brenda Young of Happy, Institutional Effectiveness, are honored for 20 years of service. Not shown: Tim Dunn.

15 years of service recognitionFront row, from left: Missy Guier of Hyden, Campus Assistant, Mary Pennington of Hazard, Ready to Work Coordinator, Mindy Collins of Bulan, Human Resources Specialist, Barbara Stacy of Chavies, Payroll Specialist, Sandy Campbell of Hazard, Financial Aid Coordinator. Back row, from left: James King of Vancleve, Information Technology Project Manager, Elbert Hagans of Hazard, Student Services Specialist, Professor David Frazier of Lexington, Computer and Online Technologies Division, Terri Fields of Hazard, Administrative Assistant, and Ron Hyde of Hazard, Facilities Management Team Leader, are honored for 15 years of service.

10 years of service recognition

Assistant Professor Amanda Spencer-Barnes of Beattyville, Science and Math Division, Associate Professor Wilson Francis of Beattyville, Science and Math Division, and Barbara Watts of Jackson, Library Specialist, are honored for 10 years of service. Not shown: Bryan Combs and Jennifer Jackson.

five years of service recognition
Front row, from left: Ginger Carroll of Chavies, Student Support Services, Kimberly Cunagin of Chavies, Senior Administrative Assistant, Lucy Langdon of Hazard, Accelerating Opportunity Coordinator, Erica Adams of Mallie, Administrative Assistant. Back row, from left: Melissa Vermillion of Hazard, Assessment Coordinator and Grant Writer, Assistant Professor Everett C. Lewis of Smilax, Occupational Technologies Division, Phenisha Fields of Hazard, Student Services Assistant, Assistant Professor Savannah Sipple of Lexington, Heritage, Humanities, and Fine Arts Division, are honored for five years of service. Not shown: Diane Gibson.