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2022-23 academic year statistics: HCTC cares. We’re invested

2022-23 academic year statistics reveal numerous findings about Hazard Community & Technical College’s (HCTC’s) work as an institution. 

HCTC’s service region includes Breathitt, Knott, Lee, Leslie, Owsley, Perry and Wolfe counties. The Appalachian Regional Commission, an economic development partnership entity of the federal government and 13 state governments, categorizes the region HCTC serves as economically distressed.  

“As an institution serving Central Appalachia, we understand that our students face a number of challenges, but they are resilient and strong,” observed Dr. Jennifer Lindon, HCTC president and chief executive officer. “We work to provide our students with support to ensure their success. HCTC cares. We’re invested.”

During the 2022-23 academic year, HCTC awarded $913,825 in scholarship and emergency funding to support students. These dollars support students’ preparation for high-paying, in-demand careers in advanced manufacturing, healthcare, business services, transportation, construction and additional fields. 

“We appreciate the support of our donors and community partners,” Dr. Lindon said. “We strive to ensure our students are able to afford their dreams. These scholarships are incredibly important to our work.”

 Supporting students. Support provided to students other than financial aid in Fall 2022 & Spring 2023. Scholarships — $295,749 — 249 students. Promise scholarships (first time students) — $185,762 — 82 students. Forge Your Way Forward (Debt forgiveness program) — $42,205 — 37 students. Emergency funds — $91,425 — 191 students. 172 students received flood relief. Work Ready KY Scholarship (KHEAA funds) — $236,838 — 150 students. External scholarships — $61,641 — 65 students. Total of $913,825 went to 774 students!

A broad range of scholarships exist for students, including: 

  • Work Ready Kentucky Scholarship (WRKS);

  • HCTC Promise Scholarship; 

  • Forge Your Way Forward; and

  • Institutional scholarships.

Within that $913,825, 172 students received flood relief emergency funds following the devastation that occurred in July 2022. Additionally, 438 students have received the WRKS over three academic years.

Students at HCTC cited scholarships as playing a pivotal role in their success: 

“Words cannot adequately convey how grateful I am for the financial assistance provided through this scholarship,” one student wrote. “The opportunities it has afforded me are truly invaluable.  As a first-generation college student with limited financial resources, your investment in my education has made an immense difference in shaping my future.”

Another student said scholarship opportunities removed barriers: 

“Being a widow and a single mother, financial difficulties have prevented me from continuing my education in the past,” she wrote. “With your kindness and generosity, I will now be able to continue my education and ensure a brighter future for myself and my daughter.”

HCTC’s graduation rate is 13% higher than Kentucky’s rate and 12% higher than the national average. According to 2018 cohort trends, forty-four percent of students at HCTC will graduate. During the 2022-23 academic year, over 1,700 students received a degree, diploma or certificate. 

“In addition to scholarships, HCTC also offers a robust, wrap-around student support system that helps our students overcome both academic and non-academic barriers,” Dr. Lindon said. “These efforts are among the reasons why our graduation rates are much higher than other institutions’ rates.”

HCTC Success Zones provide in-person and virtual assistance to students. Physical office spaces allow students to access services at the Lees College, Hazard and Technical campuses. The Success Zones include accessibility, career, tutoring and veterans' services, along with information about childcare voucher benefits, equity and inclusion efforts, student activities and organizations and the presence of Student Success Coaches. 

Student Success Coaches connect students with internal resources, teach students about using their HCTC email account, Blackboard and user account information, provide information about in-person activities, public events and social media, provide direction to behavioral health services and connect students with external resources such as transportation providers, public housing, food banks and social services. 

To learn more about course offerings, program requirements, scholarship opportunities and additional information, visit Hazard Community & Technical College's webpage.