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HCTC announces President’s List honorees for Fall 2023 semester

Media Contact: Wallace Caleb Bates
Coordinator of Public Relations
Office: (606) 436-5721

Jan. 10, 2024

(Hazard, Ky.) — The following students have been named to the President’s Honor List for the Fall 2023 semester. To qualify for the list, students must be credential-seeking, earn a 4.0 grade point average and successfully complete at least 12 KCTCS semester credits of coursework numbered 100 or above (excluding any courses considered developmental and without withdrawing from a course).

The President’s Honor List for the Fall 2023 semester includes 321 students representing two states and 27 Kentucky counties. 

hctc presidents list

The President’s Honor List for the Fall 2023 semester at HCTC includes 321 students. 

In alphabetical order by state, county and last name, these students are:

– Ga.

      – Carroll

  • Dana Sizemore of Carrollton.  

– Ky.

      – Adair

  •  Kaitlyn Savannah Reed of Columbia. 

      – Breathitt

  • Parker Elizabeth Bowling of Jackson;

  • Saylor Marae Bowling of Jackson;

  • Earl Campbell of Jackson;

  • Brooklyn D. Clair of Jackson;

  • Olivia Madison Clemons of Jackson;

  • Thomas L. Combs of Jackson;

  • Philip John Dowse of Jackson; 

  • Wesley Kyle Gross of Jackson;

  • Timothy Jayden Haddix of Jackson;

  • Christy Harvey of Jackson;

  • McKenzie Hazel Herald of Jackson;

  • Abigail Imhoff of Jackson; 

  • Brianna Louise Imhoff of Jackson; 

  • Mima Jean Imhoff of Jackson; 

  • Kaitlyn Michelle King of Jackson; 

  • James Edward Mann of Jackson; 

  • Heather Brooke Marshall of Jackson; 

  • Preston Josiah Payne Naper of Jackson;

  • Michael Lee Neace of Jackson; 

  • Lily Jolyssa Overman of Jackson; 

  • Katherine Ann Marie Faith Petty of Jackson; 

  • Sean Jonathan Phan of Jackson; 

  • Charles Edwin Price IV of Jackson; 

  • Rachel A. Robinson of Jackson;

  • Ashley Nicole Sizemore of Jackson; 

  • Erin Elizabeth Smith of Jackson; 

  • Kemuel John Smith of Jackson; 

  • Breleigh Rachellyn Spencer of Jackson; 

  • Christopher James Spicer of Jackson; 

  • Cora J. Tillett of Jackson; 

  • Makayla Ann Turner of Jackson; 

  • Clell Douglas Watts of Jackson; 

  • Brittany I. Whitely of Jackson; 

  • Glen Michael Combs of Lost Creek; 

  • Landen Grey Hostetler of Lost Creek; 

  • Mackenzie Kaye Lynn Napier of Lost Creek; 

  • Courtney Leighann Neace of Lost Creek; 

  • Brooklyn Paige Pittman of Lost Creek; 

  • Candice Taulbee of Lost Creek; 

  • Jerrica Elizabeth Turner of Lost Creek;

  • Brana Mullins of Vancleve; 

  • Kaylea Breann Ritchie of Vancleve; and

  • Jace Glen Griffith of Whick. 

      – Christian

  • Katherine Erin Locke of Hopkinsville. 

      – Clark

  • Jeanna Marie Tolson of Winchester;

      – Clay

  • Christopher Corey Brock of Manchester;

  • Mackenzie Faith Ellison of Manchester; 

  • Whitney Nicole Fields of Manchester; 

  • Jason Gray of Manchester; 

  • Raylin Donay Hicks of Manchester;

  • Sylvia Holmquist of Manchester; and

  • Jada Estep of Oneida. 

      – Fayette

  • Erica Shae Bowling of Lexington. 

      – Floyd

  • Buford Jordan Ramey of Garrett;

  • Cory Aidan Heintzelman of Langley; 

  • Skyler Hall of Martin;

  • Brooklyn Oneal Addington of McDowell; and

  • Sydney Francis of Prestonsburg. 

      – Harlan

  • Alyssa Paige Gibson of Cumberland; and

  • Marissa J. Polson of Cumberland. 

      – Jackson

  • Brian Lee Davidson of Annville; and

  • Chad Belt of Tyner. 

      – Jefferson

  • Pamela Rizzo of Louisville. 

      – Johnson

  • Lakyn Renee Ratliff of East Point; 

  • Callie M. Blair of Paintsville; and

  • Sarah Ann Johnson of Paintsville. 

      – Knott

  • James Olaf Madden of Amburgey;

  • Americas Kiona Castillo of Carrie; 

  • Kaden Thomas Delph of Carrie;

  • Crystal A. Fleming of Emmalena; 

  • Jackson Tate Hall of Emmalena; 

  • Amos E. Campbell of Fisty; 

  • Ethan Joseph Johnson of Fisty; 

  • Cameron Kassee of Fisty; 

  • Tinsley Elizabeth Wetmore of Fisty; 

  • Matthew Ryan Slone of Garner; 

  • Luke Randell Sorrells of Hazard; 

  • Chase Calin Burkle of Hindman; 

  • Valerie Sue Cornett of Hindman; 

  • Hannah Alexis Craft of Hindman; 

  • Shea Graham of Hindman; 

  • Colby Jacobs of Hindman; 

  • Kenna Ryan Patrick of Hindman; 

  • Troy Stanton Sharp of Hindman; 

  • Whitney Patience Slone of Hindman; 

  • Savannah Thacker of Hindman;

  • Katelyn Paige Conley of Hueysville; 

  • Brandy Michelle Slone of Kite;

  • Amber Nicole Gibson of Leburn; 

  • Tiffany Thacker of Leburn; 

  • Courtney Peyton Duff of Littcar; 

  • Nolyona Bethany Jacobs of Littcar; 

  • Ryan Joseph Morgan of Mallie;

  • Zachary James Coburn of Mousie; 

  • Lakyn Tashae Bolen of Pine Top; 

  • Madison Paige Miller of Pine Top; 

  • Kesean Marcel Haines of Redfox; 

  • Kendrick Thonsburry of Topmost; and

  • Dalton Dwayne Hibbard of Vicco. 

      – Laurel

  • Eric Todd Alsip of London; and

  • Melanie Portwood of London. 

      – Lee

  • Jennifer Andrews of Beattyville;

  • Curtis Anthony David of Beattyville; 

  • Jennifer M. Lutes of Beattyville; 

  • James C. Napier of Beattyville; 

  • Catrina Ruth Perkins of Beattyville; 

  • Erica Peyton Danielle Rose of Beattyville; 

  • Tiffany Jewel Smith of Beattyville; 

  • Erin Desiree Thorpe of Beattyville; 

  • Drea Jumper of Zoe; 

  • Ryan Thacker of Zoe; 

      – Leslie

  • Samantha Marie Gibson of Bear Branch; 

  • Jaylin Taylor Smallwood of Bear Branch;

  • Autumn Josie Whitehead of Essiel 

  • Charley Nicole Brock of Helton; 

  • Kyleigh Rayanna Marion of Helton; 

  • Alexia Paige Asher of Hyden; 

  • Timothy Kincaide Couch of Hyden;

  • Ethan M. Feltner of Hyden;

  • David Lynn Grubb of Hyden; 

  • Haleigh Raelene Hoskins of Hyden; 

  • Stacy Renae Maggard of Hydenl 

  • Kyla Russell of Hyden; 

  • Madilyn Leah Coleman of Roark; 

  • Jerrica Skylier Day of Smilax; 

  • Ashley Grace Wooton of Smilax; 

  • Ryan Andrew Maggard of Stinnett; 

  • Joseph Morgan of Stinnett; 

  • Kaylee Danielle Morgan of Stinnett; 

  • Emma Kaylee Napier of Stinnett; 

  • Ryleigh N. Pace of Stinnett; 

  • Kimberly Faith Wilson of Stinnett;

  • Chandra Nicole Brock of Thousandsticks; 

  • Chase Donavan Bailey of Wooton; 

  • Chelsey D. Bailey of Wooton; 

  • Chelsey Leann Caldwell of Wooton; 

  • Gunnar Cade Couch of Wooton; 

  • Kayla Danielle Gray of Wooton; 

  • Jacob Joseph of Wooton; 

  • Pamela Caldwell Maggard of Wooton; 

  • Jennifer Pennington of Wooton; and

  • David Matthew Boggs of Yeaddiss. 

      – Letcher

  • Jonah Orvis Strugill of Blackey; 

  • Joey Draven Campbell of Cornettsville; 

  • Kendra Paige Morris of Gordon; 

  • Karrie Anjolea Eldridge of Hallie; 

  • Amanda Boggs of Isom; 

  • Jaden Brown of Isom; 

  • Kristie Jo Frazier of Isom; 

  • Crystal G. Saylor of Isom; 

  • Joseph N. Phillips of Jackhorn; 

  • Mark Sturgill of Mayking;

  • Trevor Michael Hardin of McRoberts; 

  • James Andrew Hall of Neon; 

  • Zander Takoda Boggs of Whitesburg; 

  • Jaleigh Cheyenne Branson of Whitesburg; 

  • Amanda Jane Breeding of Whitesburg; 

  • Shelby Lane Howard of Whitesburg; and

  • Ashley Ingram of Whitesburg. 

      – Madison

  • Jessica Elaine Pinson of Berea. 

      – Magoffin

  • Joshua Keith Binkowski of Salyersville;

  • Emily Prater of Salyersville; and 

  • Courtney Puckett of Salyersville. 

      – Morgan

  • Izabella Leight Taylor of West Liberty. 

      – Owsley

  • Alisha R. Baker of Booneville;

  • Chloe Yvonne Cornwell of Booneville;

  • Daltyn Mackenzie Dooley of Booneville;

  • Steven Gabbard of Booneville;

  • Nicole Yvette Maggard of Booneville;

  • Aryzona R. Moore of Booneville;

  • Hayden Lane Mullins of Booneville;

  • Crystal Reed of Booneville;

  • Nikita Naomi Sargent of Booneville;

  • Sydney Aspen Sebastian of Booneville; and

  • Tiffany Ann Smith of Booneville. 

      – Perry

  • Justin McKenzie Westerfield of Avawam; 

  • Derrick L. Adams of Bonnyman; 

  • Reda E. Fugate of Bonnyman; 

  • Michael Brit Hughes of Bonnyman; 

  • Kendra Sheryl Lawson of Bonnyman; 

  • Macie Dashae Prater of Bonnyman; 

  • Andrew L. Williams of Bonnyman; 

  • Brittany Nicole Daniel of Buckhorn; 

  • Caleb Evan Eversole of Buckhorn; 

  • Brooklyn Summer Riley of Buckhorn; 

  • Benjamin Skylar Wooton of Buckhorn; 

  • Jerry Lynn Adams of Bulan; 

  • Brian Blair of Bulan;

  • Cameron Cage Noble of Bulan; 

  • Alexis Keona Prater of Bulan; 

  • Marinda C. Reed of Bulan; 

  • Ronald Dakota Roberts of Bulan; 

  • Chandra Smith of Bulan; 

  • Alexia Lynn Vanover of Bulan; 

  • Kayden Mckenzie Brashear of Busy; 

  • Jerry Lewis Fugate of Busy; 

  • Emily Nicole Young of Busy;

  • Nicholas Alexander Cole of Chavies; 

  • Haley Marie Miller of Chavies;

  • Courtney Leanna Mosley of Chavies;

  • Lexia Cheyanne Mullind of Chavies; 

  • Paul Ronald Mounce of Combs; 

  • Jody Devin Vanover of Combs; 

  • Emily Jade Watts of Cornettsville; 

  • Dagen Combs of Happy;

  • Jaden Edward Combs of Happy; 

  • Zachery Adams of Hazard; 

  • Brandon J. Baisden of Hazard; 

  • Chelsea Baker of Hazard; 

  • Aundi Clarice Barnett of Hazard; 

  • Micah Ross Biallas of Hazard; 

  • Carter Jayce Castle of Hazard; 

  • Floyd Tony Caudill of Hazard; 

  • Cory Daniel Colwell of Hazard; 

  • Benjamin Micah Roy Combs of Hazard; 

  • Zachary David Combs of Hazard; 

  • Brittany Danille Costello of Hazard; 

  • Abigail N. Crank of Hazard; 

  • Selena Q. Dao of Hazard; 

  • Dylan Christopher Davis of Hazard; 

  • Natalie Paige Deaton of Hazard; 

  • Anne Rosemary Dwyer of Hazard; 

  • Peyton Gentry Engle of Hazard; 

  • Janice Fields of Hazard;

  • Kristi Fields of Hazard; 

  • Candice Gayhart of Hazard; 

  • Jocelyn MacKenzie Godsey of Hazard; 

  • Dehaun Carl Gonzales of Hazard; 

  • Amy Ann Graydon of Hazard;

  • Amber Jolie Gwin of Hazard; 

  • Autumn Nicole Gwin of Hazard; 

  • Chance Lee Haddix of Hazard; 

  • Cortney Jade Hall of Hazard;

  • Jarrod Mason Hensley of Hazard; 

  • Abigail Dawn Herald of Hazard;

  • Michael Hicks of Hazard;

  • Robert Sheldon Higdon of Hazard;

  • Ashley Nicole Hill of Hazard;

  • Anthony Wayne Hoskins of Hazard;

  • Madison Clair Hyer of Hazard;

  • Austin Ison of Hazard;

  • Katelyn Ison of Hazard;

  • Quinton Seth Jent of Hazard;

  • Douglas Jewell of Hazard;

  • Ashley Nickole Jones of Hazard;

  • Garrett Reece Jones of Hazard;

  • Gracie M. Maggard of Hazard;

  • Melissa Darlene Mayhew of Hazard;

  • Abigail Elizabeth Mccallum of Hazard;

  • William A. Mcintosh of Hazard;

  • Brittany Lynn Miller of Hazard;

  • Alexia Faith Moore of Hazard;

  • Lorne Austin Mullins of Hazard;

  • Trisha Marie Murray of Hazard;

  • Shana Napier of Hazard;

  • Mackenzie Brook Neace of Hazard;

  • Jeremiah C. Noble of Hazard; 

  • Dustin Tyler North of Hazard;

  • Tabitha Rana Patrick of Hazard;

  • Weston Tate Patrick of Hazard;

  • Erica Danielle Paul of Hazard; 

  • Robert-Carl Hunter Pigman of Hazard;

  • Caiden Jeffrey Ritchie of Hazard;

  • Michael Daniel Salvador of Hazard;

  • Cody Preston Shields of Hazard;

  • Mary M. Slover of Hazard;

  • Ashley Nicole Smith of Hazard;

  • Kristen Gayle Smith of Hazard;

  • Madison Taryn Smith of Hazard;

  • April J. Spears of Hazard; 

  • Dawson Creighton Spurlock of Hazard;

  • Kaylee Morgan Taulbee of Hazard;

  • Andrea Turner of Hazard;

  • Michael Andrew Vanover of Hazard; 

  • Ashley Nicole White of Hazard; 

  • Raleigh Wayne Wooton of Hazard;

  • Skyler James Wyrick of Hazard;

  • Ethan Grant Combs of Jeff; 

  • Taylor Raeann Moss of Jeff; 

  • Caiden Lee Johnson of Krypton; 

  • Haley Chrissa Johnson of Krypton;

  • Courtney Shea Combs of Rowdy; 

  • Collin Blake Eller of Scuddy;

  • Autumn Makayla Alexis Messer of Scuddy;

  • Parker Chase Akers of Slemp;

  • Gracie Raeann Couch of Slemp;

  • Brittany Ashley of Vicco;

  • Haley Combs of Vicco; 

  • Abigail Hasana Faith Ison of Vicco;

  • Kaytlann Olivia Marie Warren of Vicco;

  • Brittany Williams of Vicco;

  • Ashton Blake Bryant of Viper;

  • Zach Caudill of Viper;

  • Jimmie R. Clark of Viper;

  • Candice Brooke Combs of Viper;

  • Nathaniel Hurst Fugate of Viper;

  • Bucky Allen Ison of Viper;

  • Ashley Rondell Joseph of Viper;

  • Kanyon Miles Mullins of Viper;

  • Kayla Jo Osborne of Viper;

  • Sajen Robertson of Viper;

  • Erica Star Spicer of Viper;

  • Christian Chandler Campbell of Yerkes; and

  • Shyanne Elizabeth Couch of Yerkes. 

      – Pike

  • Brittney Nicole Williamson of Kimper. 

      – Powell 

  • Raleigh Mcquade Creech of Stanton. 

      – Pulaski 

  • Marcella Ann Brock Moore of Somerset. 

      – Rowan

  • Sandra Charlene Stacy of Clearfield. 

      – Whitley

  • Trista Lynn Willett of Corbin. 

      – Wolfe

  • Jeffrey Barnett of Campton; 

  • Alton Delmore Collins III of Campton;

  • Austin James Coomer of Campton;

  • Frances Hatton of Campton;

  • Destiny Profitt of Campton;

  • Sierra Sadie Trent of Campton; and

  • Carrie Whisman of Campton. 

HCTC extends its congratulations to all honorees.