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HCTC hosts GED graduation

Hazard Community & Technical College (HCTC) held its adult education graduation program on June 27 at its Technical Campus. Students from across the program’s service area of Breathitt, Knott, Lee, Leslie, Owsley and Perry attended the event. Hazard Community & Technical College (HCTC) held its adult education graduation program on June 27 at its Technical Campus. The event celebrated 82 students, a historical number of general education development (GED) diploma attainers for the program.

This year's graduates are, in alphabetical order by last name: 

  • Raymond Baker

  • Trent Begely

  • Anetta Bentley

  • Margaret Best

  • Leo Bledsoe

  • Caleb Bowman

  • Chandler Bradburn

  • Logan Brewer

  • Jacquelyn Bullion

  • Jacob Burton

  • Chad Caudill

  • Jerry Chaffins

  • Edward Clay II

  • Marquetta Collett

  • Daniel Combs

  • Courtney Couch

  • Angel Couch

  • Julieann Couch

  • Megan Cox

  • Samuel Creech

  • Hayden Damron

  • Whitney Davidson

  • Kamron Davidson

  • Dylan Dorton

  • Miranda Fugate

  • David Fugate

  • Johnathon Gau

  • Zyanna Gay

  • Rachel Gilbert

  • James Gray

  • Joshua Hinkins

  • Samuel Hinton

  • Jonathen Hubbard

  • Christopher Hughes

  • Jimmy Jent

  • Terry Johnson

  • Donnie Johnson

  • Anna Joseph

  • Carl Joseph

  • Elton Kassel

  • William Kehler

  • Jacob King

  • Cameron Lynch

  • Ashley Maggard

  • Richard Marshall

  • Cecilia Martin

  • Jamie Maynard

  • Michael McCarthy

  • Ricky McIntosh

  • Martin Monk

  • Cecil Moore

  • Allician Moore

  • Stoney Mullins

  • Nancy Noble

  • Jesse Noble

  • Trenton Parker

  • Gary Proffit

  • Christopher Profitt

  • Tommy Rickett

  • Brian Rose

  • Ann Rose

  • Justin Russell

  • Brandon Savoie

  • Ricky Simpson

  • Jacquline Sizemore

  • Amanda Smith

  • Jacob Smith

  • Adam Smith

  • Christina Spencer

  • Clayton Stacy

  • Alexis Stamper

  • Jacob Sumpter

  • Shawna Tackett

  • Kyle Trammell

  • Brittany Turner

  • Steven Vincent

  • Carla Wallace

  • Eric West

  • Randy Whitehead

  • Adam Whitt

  • Amanda Wilson

  • Ernestina Zarraga

The adult education program at HCTC serves Breathitt, Knott, Lee, Leslie, Owsley and Perry counties. Students from each service county attended the graduation celebration, which Director of Adult Education Charlene Fugate coined her favorite day of the year. 

"This is my favorite day of the year. I've been with this program for over 20 years, and I've seen firsthand the incredible impact it has on our communities," Fugate said. "Ensuring folks get their GEDs is just the beginning. It's about opening doors for them to pursue further learning or career opportunities, and that's what keeps our team motivated each day."

Dr. Jennifer Lindon, HCTC president and chief executive officer, served as the guest speaker during the event. 

"Congratulations to all of our GED recipients. Each credential you earn and milestone you reach will open doors for you," she said. "I started my journey at HCTC and eventually earned my doctorate as a single mother, overcoming barriers in the process. I can attest to your strength and ability to achieve great things through your determination."

HCTC has increased its support for adult learners, continuing its longstanding commitment to this cause. Dr. Lindon mentioned that this expansion involves a new program designed to encourage GED recipients at HCTC to seek further educational qualifications, diplomas and degrees.

"Our GED Advantage program is an opportunity for you to earn and learn," she said. "Students can earn up to $1,500 by completing courses at HCTC. The first class is free, and to qualify, you must've completed and earned your GED here with us." 

A gallery of photos from the event is available via the 06.27.2024 Adult Education Graduation Flickr album

For more information about adult education at HCTC, visit the Hazard Community & Technical College Adult Education webpage. You may also contact Director of Adult Education Charlene Fugate by phone at (606) 487-3342 or email charlene.fugate@kctcs.edu