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HCTC’s 2023 Golf Scramble raises more than $23,000 for student scholarships

golf scramble at HCTC

After a nearly 20-year hiatus, the Hazard Community and Technical (HCTC) Golf Scramble returned for 2023 at the Hazard Country Club on Saturday.

During this year’s golf scramble, the Hazard Independent College Foundation focused on raising money for Vocational Careers Training Scholarships for students at HCTC’s Technical Campus.

In addition to tuition, these programs often require equipment, boots, helmets, took kits, etc. as part of the training, making these programs very expensive for students.

HCTC is proud to announce more than $23,000 was raised for the Vocational Careers Training Scholarships.

"The 2023 Golf Scramble could not have happened without the generosity of HCTC's community partners," said Carla Seals, Dean of Institutional Advancement. "The money raised shows how important higher education is to donors and their willingness to see HCTC students succeed in their coursework and future careers," she noted. "The HCTC Golf Scramble Committee worked tirelessly to secure donations and other components needed for the scramble," she added.

The 2023 Golf Scramble helps to fill the gaps in scholarship money for HCTC’s technical students because there are currently very few existing scholarships designated for those students.

"The money raised from the golf scramble will ease the cost of college for many vocational students," said HCTC President Dr. Jennifer Lindon. "Our students can focus on becoming work ready by completing their coursework and ultimately graduating from HCTC, rather than having to worry where they will get the money to pay for their supplies," she noted. "The golf scramble is one way HCTC continues to put its students first to see them succeed," Lindon added.