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Gary Vinson: Guiding students to success with values and principles

Gary Vinson
Gary Vinson, a Student Success Coach and Academic Advisor at Hazard Community and Technical College (HCTC), is a man of value, principles and morals. As he says, "Lessons I learned from my family, most importantly my Granddad. He was the guiding light for all of us and continues to be in spirit." Born in Washington D.C. and raised in Hazard, Kentucky, Gary has worked in various career fields, including 13 years as a licensed barber and five years as a barber instructor. Now, he takes pride in guiding students toward success, while also passing on the values of hard work, dedication and faith to his two children, Ty and Keema Vinson, whom he describes as his greatest gift.

Gary is a proud father to his two children, Ty and Keema Vinson. As much as he teaches them the game of life, they, in turn, teach him the game of appreciation. Being a father is the greatest gift a man can receive, and Gary takes this role very seriously. Coming from a family of teachers, coaches, and leaders, Gary is inspired by his students every day. He and his long list of cousins inspire each other to be the best versions of themselves they can be. Gary's story began as a genesis of tough times but turned into a revelation of triumph. He is very disciplined, determined, considerate and always willing to learn, both personally and professionally.

He believes in speaking actions into existence. He will continue to be the best Gary he can be, working more diligently, tactfully, and not straying from his core beliefs and morals as a person. He approaches problem-solving and decision-making by listening first rather than just talking. He also relies on his experience personally and professionally, asking questions to figure out the best way to resolve the issue. Gary believes in doing more research, doing more self-work to achieve goals, and not being ashamed to ask for help from the younger generation on how to navigate through the ever-changing world. He had some challenging moments as the lead instructor at the barber school where he worked, but he learned from and considers them teachable moments.

Respect is what Gary values the most. He believes that respect is essential in any work environment. His long-term goal is to get back into teaching or continue to be a counselor of some form. He is working on finishing his degree in Psychology, with aspirations of becoming a behavioral psychologist or having his own Mental Health institution of some kind.

Gary expresses the love and appreciation he has for what he does. He is truly blessed to have a career he can come to every day and not dread or regret it. He believes that you get what you put out into the universe and will continue to get blessings and prosperity in return.