K-12 Partners

K-12 Partnering to Build a Foundation for Success

HCTC is proud to offer several P-16 (including K-12) Student Outreach Programs. The goal of these programs is to create a college-going culture in our region. Our primary mission is to attract, motivate, and prepare students to pursue and complete a college education. HCTC s Student Outreach Programs provide necessary resources for P-16 students to begin career, college, and life planning. Several university partnerships through the University Center of the Mountains further enhance student options.

The Challenger Learning Center of Kentucky uses space exploration as a theme. The Center creates positive learning experiences that raise students expectations of success while fostering a long-term interest in mathematics, science, and technology.

The Kentucky School of Craft prepares individuals for careers as independent studio artists, business owners, designers, and studio technicians.

The Kentucky School of Bluegrass and Traditional Music is dedicated to the study, performance, promotion, and advancement of heritage music.