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Instructors must verify course rosters for each assigned section even when all students are attending class.

If all students are attending, follow directions below and mark "the no shows are recorded and the roster is complete".
Note: Students in face-to-face classes are defined as "no show" if they fail to attend all class meetings. To identify no shows in online classes, instructors should require some online activity during the first week (7 days) of class. Completion of the activity indicates attendance. For example, instructors might ask students to (1) introduce themselves in an online discussion forum, (2) complete a quiz over the course syllabus, (3) complete a diagnostic test, or (4) submit a writing sample.

Please Note: Merely logging in to an online class does NOT count as attendance.

  1. When it is time to report no shows, login to PeopleSoft Campus Solutions (PeopleSoft) or MyPath (then click PeopleSoft Campus Solutions). The Homepage should display all your tile options. Click Faculty Center. If you have taken classes with KCTCS, your Homepage may default to the Student Homepage, if so, click the Student Homepage down arrow and choose Campus solutions Homepage.
    Campus Solutions Homepage
  2. Verify that you are viewing classes from the correct term. To change the term, click the Change Term button and select the preferred Term and click Continue to view classes for that term.
    My ScheduleSelect Term

  3. To record students that have never attended class click on the No Show icon  to the left of the preferred class. This will take you to the No Show page for the selected class.
    No Show
  4. Review your Roster and click the No Show button for any students that NEVER attended the class. Once you have entered all of your data (even if you have no students to report), check the appropriate check box to indicate the roster is ready for reporting: "The No Shows roster is complete and all no shows have been recorded or there are zero no-shows” check box when finished recording no shows.

  5. Click the Save Roster button.
    Save RosterThe data entered will be saved and will gray out. However, any students on the roster that do not have data entered will remain active for updates later.
  6. To view a different attendance roster, click the Change Class button to return to the Faculty Center page and click on the No Show icon for a different class to view that roster.
    Change Class
  7. When you return to the Faculty Center, you will notice that the icon for the class you reported the no-show for has now changed to a checked box confirming you completed the no-show for course
    Select Display Action