Mission Statement | HCTC

Mission Statement and Goals

Mission Statement:

The mission of the Radiography Program is to prepare the graduates to become radiographers who are highly competent and qualified to administer ionizing radiation for medical and diagnostic imaging purposes.

Goals and Outcomes:

Goal 1: Students will exhibit clinical competency in performing radiographic procedures.

  • Students will employ proper positioning skills, technical factors and radiation protection.
  • Students will demonstrate progression in the performance of clinical skills.
  • Students will demonstrate proper radiation protection.

Goal 2: Students will demonstrate communication skills.

  • Students will apply effective oral communication with the patient and members of the healthcare team.
  • Students will demonstrate written communication skills.

Goal 3: Students will demonstrate professionalism.

  • Students will conduct themselves in a professional and ethical manner.
  • Students will maintain a professional appearance in the clinical setting.
  • Students will develop professional interview skills.
  • Students will develop a professional resume.

Goal 4: Students will display critical thinking skills.

  • Students will critique radiographs to determine diagnostic quality.
  • Students will determine the need to modify a procedure based on patient condition.