Criteria for Transfer Credit | HCTC

Criteria for Transfer Credit


  1. Applicants who wish to transfer from one Radiography Program to another must:
    • meet all admission requirements of the receiving institution;
    • apply at least three months prior to the expected date of enrollment;
    • notify the Coordinator of the Radiography Program in writing, stating anticipated entry date and reason for transfer;
    • provide a letter of recommendation to the receiving institution from the program coordinator of the previous institution; and
    • submit an official transcript for evaluation by the Admissions Committee.
  2. If more than one year has elapsed since enrollment in a Radiography Program, the entire sequence of Radiography courses must be repeated.
  3. Acceptance of any transfer student will be dependent upon available resources.
  4. The Radiography Admission Committee of the receiving institution will review all documentation and may recommend admission as a transfer student.

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