Transition Investment Pathways For Students

Hazard Community and Technical College (HCTC) is invested in the success of every student enrolled. HCTC has developed for its Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) the TIPS (Transition Investment Pathways for Students) program to help students with the successful transition to college and career, with an emphasis on soft skills. To accomplish the goals of the TIPS program, HCTC will utilize the First Year Experience, FYE 105 Achieving Academic Success, course. This course will be mandatory for first-time, full-time students seeking an AA or AS degree, as well as students who are undecided. Students will learn important skills such as financial literacy, how to locate campus resources, cover letter and resume writing, interview skills with mock interviews, job shadowing, budgeting, and soft skill development, including but not limited to, time management, critical thinking, professionalism, communication, work ethic, and teamwork. Students will also develop an academic plan that leads to their career pathway. 

The Course Will:QEP

  • Help students successfully transition to college and career. 
  • Increase knowledge of financial literacy skills (financial aid, budgeting, etc.).
  • Locate and utilize campus resources.
  • Invest in soft skills development for academic and career success.
  • Develop and apply soft skills (critical thinking, work ethic, attendance, etc.).
  • Empower students to be independent agents of their academic and career pathways.
  • "Undecided" students will select a program of study.
  • Develop an academic plan that leads to a career pathway.



Tips Benefits:

  • Provides first-time, full-time HCTC students with an introductory experience
    to support the successful transition to college and career!
  • Helps students develop and apply soft skills essential for academic and career success!
  • Empowers students to become independent agents of their own learning while choosing
    a career pathway and program of study matched to their unique skills and interests!


For More Information Please Contact:

Dr. Ella Strong, Academic Dean
Phone: 606-487-3208

Amanda Spencer-Barnes, QEP Director
Phone: 606-487-3530

Chestina Turner, QEP Coordinator
Phone: 606-487-3108

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