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All official travel and reimbursements for HCTC employees are in accordance with KCTCS travel procedures. All travel vouchers submitted for reimbursement are reviewed by a business office travel auditor and approved for reimbursement within the guidelines of KCTCS travel policies and procedures.

Immediate supervisors and budget managers sign off in advance of the trip on a travel request form for reimbursements charged to their accounts. If training and/or leadership development is the reason/purpose of the trip then "Professional Development" should be indicated on the travel request form when being submitted. For out-of-state travel, the College President must give approval (at least a month in advance) prior to the trip and a separate out-of-state travel form documenting the purpose for the trip must accompany the reimbursement form.

Travel Procedures

KCTCS Business Procedures 8.1 - Travel Expense and Reimbursement (Update)

Travel Expenses and Reimbursement Forms