Economic Impact Study | HCTC

The Economic Value of HCTC


Hazard Community and Techinal College (HCTC) creates Value in many ways. The college plays a key role in helping students increase their employability and achieve their individual portential. The college draws students to the region, generating new dollars and opportunities for the Kentucky River Area Development District (KRADD). "HCTC provides students with the education, training, and skills they need to have fulfilling abd prosperous careers. Furthermore, HCTC is a place for students to meet new people, increase their self-confidence, and promote their overall health and well-being.

HCTC influences both the lives of its students and the regional economy. the college supports a variety of industries in the KRADD, serves regional businesses, and benefits society as a whole in Kentucky from an expanded economy and improved quality of life. The benefits created by HCTC even extend to the state government through increased tax revenues and public sector savings.

This study measures the economic impacts created by HCTC on the business community and the benefits the college generates in renerates in return for the investments made by its key stakeholders groups-students, taxpayers, and society.

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