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Mayor and HCTC: Building a Stronger Community

April 12, 2023

mayor happyHazard Community and Technical College's relationship with its local mayor and community is a critical aspect of their success. The college prides itself on being an essential resource for Perry County and eastern Kentucky residents, and its partnership with the mayor has helped them achieve this mission. Through open communication and shared goals, the college and the mayor's office have been able to form a strong and mutually beneficial relationship.

Perry County and Hazard, Ky., located in the heart of Appalachia, know the value of education and the power it holds to shape the future of their community. This is why the county has forged a strong and fruitful partnership with HCTC, recognizing it as a vital piece of the puzzle that drives the community forward.

Donald "Happy" Mobelini is the mayor of Hazard, Ky., and serves as the principal and superintendent for the local high school, Hazard Independent Schools. 

"Joining forces with groups such as County government, local nonprofits, businesses and educational institutions allows the city and the partnering agencies to maximize their innovation, resources, talents and even dollars," says Happy Mobelini. "The city works hard to provide programs, amenities and services that result in a safe, healthy community with many opportunities for education and self-betterment. Achieving a better City is a team effort."

The relationship between Hazard, Ky., and HCTC runs deep, as the college consistently plays a critical role in maintaining and stimulating the growth of the region. Whenever the city is recruiting new industries or job opportunities, they turn to HCTC with confidence, knowing that the college will deliver the specific training necessary to support their community's growth.

HCTC provides job-specific training for any new growth opportunity that arises, demonstrating the college's commitment to the economic growth of the area through education. They have become an essential partner in the community's future success and its ability to thrive. The city's investment in HCTC reflects their values and dedication to creating a prosperous future for the region's citizens. Through this powerful partnership, HCTC and Perry County are shaping a brighter future for Appalachia, Eastern Kentucky, and beyond.

Building a Stronger Community

The city and mayor's office have been a valuable partner in promoting the college's programs and initiatives. Through increased visibility and support, the college has been able to expand its reach and impact. This has resulted in more students enrolling in their programs and a greater awareness of the college's contributions to the community.

HCTC and the city government work together to build a stronger community by: 

Increased access to education 

HCTC offers classes and training programs that are tailored to the needs of the region to improve the skills and knowledge of the community. HCTC provides credential opportunities from an associate degree to certificate programs.

HCTC has been offering various classes and training programs to communities in the region for decades. The programs are tailored to meet the unique needs of each area, ensuring that residents acquire skills and knowledge that they can effectively use in their daily lives. 

Through various partnerships with groups, agencies, and organizations, HCTC has developed a robust program that addresses key issues facing communities. The college offers classes in social sciences, business administration, information technology, public safety, and many others. Moreover, each program is designed to create a dynamic learning environment that is both supportive and challenging, providing students with the skills needed to succeed in their chosen field.

One of the key advantages of HCTC's tailored programs is that they are designed to improve the quality of life for residents. This is achieved through increased employment opportunities and enhanced workforce development. Engaging with the college's programs provides students with the technical and human relations skills that they need to handle a range of situations that they may encounter. As such, HCTC is well-positioned to meet the ever-changing needs of its communities, ensuring that an exceptional educational experience is available to all.

Economic development

HCTC works with the city government to identify the skills and training needed for jobs that are in demand in the local economy. By offering programs that prepare students for this career path, the partnership helps to attract new businesses to the area and strengthen the local economy.

This alliance aims to identify the skills and training necessary to meet the demands of local businesses, leading to job creation and economic stability in the area. By offering programs that prepare students for these in-demand jobs, HCTC supports the workforce and promotes sustainable economic growth in the region.

Through this collaboration, HCTC gains insights into the current and future job market needs in the local economy. This information allows the college to develop training programs that equip students with skills and knowledge for career success. Moreover, as these programs meet the demands of local businesses, the partnership service attracts new companies to the area, bringing more job opportunities and overall economic strength.

Community engagement

The collaboration between the HCTC and the city government is an excellent example of how community outreach and engagement efforts can build trust and strengthen relationships with residents. By working together, organizations like these can create meaningful connections with members of their community and help ensure that local needs are addressed in a timely and effective manner.

Effective community engagement can be achieved through various methods, such as hosting public meetings, conducting surveys, and utilizing social media platforms to promote open communication about important issues. At the same time, it is also important to create opportunities for active participation from community members. This can be done through programs like volunteer initiatives or citizen-led committees, which can help foster a sense of ownership and accountability within the community.

Ultimately, the success of community collaboration and engagement efforts depends on the willingness of community members to participate and contribute, as well as the commitment of organizations like the HCTC and the city government to actively listen and respond to feedback. By building these strong relationships, local organizations can foster a sense of unity and trust within their community and work collaboratively towards creating positive change.

Research and development

The partnership also supports research and development initiatives that benefit the local community. For example, HCTC partners with the city government to develop solutions to local environmental or public health issues.

Through this partnership, both institutions bring their knowledge, skills, and resources to the table. HCTC, as an academic institution, brings its research expertise and academic rigor to the partnership. On the other hand, the city government has a better understanding of the local community's needs and priorities. By combining their strengths, they can develop innovative and practical solutions to the challenges facing the community.

It's also worth noting that the partnership's benefits extend beyond the immediate project outcomes. The collaboration fosters a culture of knowledge exchange and continuous learning that can benefit both institutions in the long term. By working together on several projects over time, they can develop a better understanding of each other's strengths and limitations, which can lead to more fruitful collaborations in the future. Therefore, it's crucial for institutions to continue to foster community partnerships as they seek to address complex challenges that require interdisciplinary expertise and innovative thinking.

Shared resources

Finally, the partnership enabled HCTC and the city government to share resources and expertise, which helped both organizations to be more effective and efficient in serving the community.

The partnership between HCTC and the city government has proven to be a fruitful one, with both organizations leveraging their resources and expertise to better serve the community. With HCTC bringing its extensive experience in technology and innovation, and the city government providing its vast knowledge of local policies and regulations, the two entities have been able to complement each other and enhance their ability to deliver quality services.

By working together, the city and college have been able to streamline their operations and avoid duplication of efforts, resulting in better use of resources and a reduction in costs. This increased efficiency has allowed them to allocate more resources towards meaningful community initiatives, ultimately benefiting the community as a whole.

Overall, the relationship between Hazard Community and Technical College and its local mayor and community is a vital aspect of their success. By working together towards common goals, they have been able to build a strong and lasting bond that benefits all involved.

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