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Supporting HCTC Students

Due to the generous support of many community individuals and organizations, HCTC is proud to make awarding scholarships one of its priorities. HCTC offers a variety of scholarship. While eligibility criteria may vary, scholarships are available to help meet most of our student s needs. Some are general scholarship for students in any field of study, while others are dedicated to students in particular disciplines such as nursing, radiography, or mining technology. Additionally, we offer scholarship for single mothers, minority students, and student who have demonstrated academic promise or financial need. Scholarships are a great source of student aid, because they are considered gift aid and do not have to be repaid. This helps limit student indebtedness.

All applicants are required to have a completed scholarship file in the HCTC Development Office in the Jolly Classroom Center.

All HCTC Scholarship applications and required documentation are due in the HCTC Development Office by midnight, February 15, 2018. Applications and documentation received after the above stated date will be put on an alternate list.

Complete the scholarship application below to apply for all full-time HCTC scholarships:

If you have any questions regarding scholarships please contact the HCTC Development Office at 606-487-3072

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