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Applying for Scholarships

Please read carefully before you apply for a HCTC Scholarship.

Applications cannot be considered unless all information is completed and submitted.

If you are a current high school student or a new student, all applications submitted must include:

  1. Completed HCTC Scholarship Application.
  2. Six semester high school transcript (for current high school students) or a complete high school transcript with graduation date (for past high school graduates just starting college) or GED scores.
  3. Documented ACT, SAT or Placement test scores.

If you are a continuing HCTC student or transfer student, all applications submitted must include:

  1. Completed HCTC Scholarship Application.
  2. Official transcript from non-KCTCS college-level work sent directly to Records Office (if not already on file).


All applicants are required to have a completed scholarship file in the HCTC Development Office.

Recipients of HCTC Institutional Scholarships must re-apply every year and are permitted to receive scholarships for a maximum of four full time academic semesters (Certain donors do permit an exception of the 4 semester rule and those will be dealt with on a case by case basis). In order to be eligible to receive a full-time scholarship award, you must be enrolled 12 hours or more at HCTC. Courses taken through the University Center of the Mountains with MSU, EKU , Midway, Kentucky State University, University of the Cumberlands and Lindsey Wilson College DO NOT count toward those 12 hours. Part-time scholarships are also available for those enrolled in 3 hours or more at HCTC.

Applicants with Bachelor/Master degrees are not permitted to receive HCTC Institutional Scholarships.

All information and documentation on file by February 15, 2020, including Placement Test scores will be used in the assessment of your 2020-2021 scholarship file.

Scholarships are determined by an overall factor using the GPA and ACT/Placement test scores.

All HCTC Scholarship applications and required documentation are due in the HCTC Development Office by midnight, February 15, 2020.

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