Computer & Information Technologies

The Computer Information Technology Program is supported by a solid foundation of core courses that focus on problem-solving and communication skills for Computer & Information Technology professionals involved in computer network environments. The program provides opportunities for you to obtain knowledge and skills that enable you to adapt technology use to specific needs in your field of study.

This program includes a Computer Science Track, Information Security Track, Programming Track, Internet Technologies Track, and Network Administration Track with a core of courses common to all. The core includes a general education component essential to a collegiate education and technical courses giving students an introduction to information systems, computer applications, program development, system maintenance, networking, security, and Internet technologies. In addition to core courses, students take specialty courses for their selected track.

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Wage/Salary Information

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Credentials Offered

Associate in Applied Science Degree

  • Applications Track
  • Computer Science Track
  • Information Security Track
  • Internet Technologies Track
  • Network Administration Track
  • Programming Track
  • Video Game Design Track