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Institutional Research


Serve as a clearinghouse for HCTC information facilitating the collection, analysis, and interpretation of institutional data and the timely distribution of information to academic and administrative decision-makers, faculty, and other HCTC employees. An integral part of this mission is to be customer-focused, forward-thinking, anticipating information needs, and to keep abreast of local and national educational issues. Institutional Research supports HCTC in planning, decision-making, assessment, and policy formulation based on data.


  1. Institutional data will be appropriately managed.
  2. Institutional data/information will be appropriately distributed.
  3. Institutional data will be appropriately analyzed and reported.
  4. Institutional effectiveness and assessment will be supported.

Data Related to Outcomes

Contact Information

Anna Lois Puffer, Coordinator of Institutional Research
Brenda Young, Data Research Assistant

Hazard Community and Technical College
1 Community College Drive
Hazard, Kentucky 41701
Phone: 606/487-3503