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Unit Assessments

Outcomes Assessed Through Unit Assessment Plans

Each unit of the college develops an annual Operational Plan and Assessment Plan. The Unit Operational Plan includes goals, ways to measure outcomes, and associated action steps and is reviewed annually. Unit goals are aligned with HCTC goals which are aligned with KCTCS goals. The Unit Assessment Plan includes items which focus on effectiveness, efficiency, customer satisfaction, and impact on student learning. An intended outcome is written for each assessment item which includes the assessment procedure and assessment target. Data is collected during the year and analyzed/reported in the Assessment Findings and Actions Taken section of the assessment plan. Supporting evidence documents are attached. Finally, Recommendations for Further Actions are outlined. Each unit's assessment plan items are aligned with their unit goals. Reports are produced for each unit. An overall Annual Assessment Impact Report is prepared and discussed with Senior Leadership during the annual Senior Leadership Planning Day. The purpose of the Planning Day is to review with Senior Leadership how the college is progressing in the areas of strategic planning and assessment.

Program Outcomes Assessed Through Academic Program Review

Program coordinators for each of HCTC's 27 academic programs complete an annual Program Review. This review documents student learning outcomes in the following areas: enrollment, in-semester retention, course retention/student success, persistence, completers, job placement, assessment/licensure, transfer, student satisfaction, program satisfaction, and employer satisfaction. Data and analysis from both direct and indirect assessments measures are included. Program coordinators present their findings on an annual basis in an oral presentation to the Provost, Deans, Division Chairs, who make further assessments and recommendations that connect data and outcomes to curriculum changes, budgeting, and strategic planning. Each program review is evaluated using the Program Review Summary Evaluation Form.