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Institutional Effectiveness Committee (formerly Assessment and Outcomes Committee)

The Assessment and Outcomes Committee was recommended by the Assessment and Student Learning Outcomes Taskforce that was appointed to lead the faculty in developing strategies to address the recommendations of the October 2006 SACS On-Site Review Committee related to learning outcomes and assessments. The Assessment and Outcomes Committee was renamed the Institutional Effectiveness Committee for the 2014-15 academic year. Committee members are selected for a two-year term and provide leadership for the continuous review of strategies for an effective assessment plan of student learning outcomes across the college. The committee assists with the assessment process, reviews processes and use of the results, and makes recommendations as necessary. Meeting minutes are prepared and posted on the Institutional Effectiveness SharePoint team site. Annual reports include a summary of the findings, recommendations and achievements made each academic year.

Institutional Effectiveness Assessed Through Other College Committees

HCTC employees serve on college committees for a term of two years. Each committee has a Chair and a Co-Chair. The Co-Chair becomes the Chair of the committee in the next year. Employees wishing to serve on college committees can self-nominate to either Faculty or Staff Council. Faculty and Staff Councils make member recommendations to the President who makes the final appointments and informs employees. Meeting minutes are recorded, as well as preparation of an Annual Institutional Effectiveness Report, which are forwarded to the Institutional Research Coordinator who posts the minutes and annual reports on the Institutional Research SharePoint team site.