Assessment Tutorial | HCTC

Assessment and Outcomes Tutorial

The IEPR unit developed an Assessment and Outcomes Tutorial to familiarize HCTC employees with assessment processes. There is a tutorial for faculty and a tutorial for staff. Learning Outcomes for this tutorial include:

  • Define strategic planning and assessment and explain why they are important
  • Understand how SACSCOC impacts HCTC
  • Explain the IEPR unit's roles and responsibilities
  • Understand how strategic goals and priorities are aligned with institutional assessment processes
  • Identify the 5 phases of the assessment lifecycle
  • Identify the 14 components of a culture of evidence
  • Define and develop SMART goals and intended outcomes
    Understand the various HCTC assessment processes and tools and how they are utilized
  • Explain the differences between an Operational Plan, Assessment Plan, Program Review, Course Assessment, Survey, and Performance, Planning, and Evaluation (PPE)
  • Identify direct and indirect measures of student learning

HCTC 101 Assessment and Outcomes Tutorial - Faculty (57% of faculty completed in 2012-13)

HCTC 101 Assessment and Outcomes Tutorial - Staff (34% of staff completed in 2012-13)