Purchasing | HCTC


The purchasing procedures followed by HCTC are in accordance with Kentucky statues and the central purchasing office at KCTCS. HCTC issues procurement cards to various College personnel for official use only. When a new card is issued, the cardholder and her or his immediate supervisor sign a cardholder and supervisor agreement. HCTC cardholder and supervisors are accountable for purchases made within the guidelines of KCTCS Procurement Card Purchasing Procedures. Approved purchases are edited monthly, and cardholders provide original receipts with their monthly statements. The edit reports are reviewed and signed by both cardholder and supervisor. These structured procedures restrict the possibility of fraudulent use and protect the resources of the College.

Food purchases for employee working meetings and outside guests are given close attention and require prior approval and require a food request approval form BA50 listing the individuals that attended the meeting and the purpose of the meeting.

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