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Keys, Office Furniture, and Equipment


All HCTC employees are issued keys to their respective work area by the M&O Supervisor on each campus. Employees are responsible for the security of the keys in their possession. In addition, employees who use the building during non-working hours are responsible for assuring that all doors are locked and all equipment they have used is turned off and properly secured before leaving the building. Keys need to be returned to the M&O Campus Supervisor upon separation of employment.

Office Furniture and Equipment

Office furniture and equipment are furnished by HCTC for use at work. Employees are not to take college-owned furniture and/or equipment off college property, unless authorized in writing by their Dean. Anyone removing furniture and/or equipment from its original location at the college to another location should contact M&O to transfer the furniture and/or equipment to the new location. M&O will e-mail Stu Fugate listing a description of the property, model number, property number and new location (building and room number) for the Inventory List.

KCTCS Business Procedures Manual 2.5 Off-site Use of Equipment

KCTCS Business Procedures Manual 2.7 Capital Projects