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EKU Partnership

Eastern Kentucky University

Advisor Contact Information
J Gilliam

Assistant Faculty Advisor: Joshua Gilliam

Alpha Phi Sigma- Theta Xi and Lambda Alpha Epsilon- Theta Gamma Epsilon 


Eastern Kentucky University  School of Justice Studies 
Department of Criminal Justice and Police Studies 

50 University Dr. 
Manchester, KY 40962 

(859) 622-7264 | Joshua.Gilliam2@eku.edu  

Gail Creekmore

(859) 248-5479 | gail.creekmore@eku.edu 

Admission requirements for the University Center of the Mountains programs are determined by each partnering institution.

To apply for classes through the UCM, you must complete the following steps:

  • Submit a completed and signed application form to the respective institution.
  • Submit copies of official transcripts sent directly to the institutions from each school attended after high school. Hand delivered transcripts are not accepted.
  • Be eligible to return to all institutions attended.
  • Pay application fees if applicable. EKU's application fee is $30.
    Visit Admission Information on programs offered through Eastern Kentucky University.
Financial assistance is available through a variety of programs including grants, loans and scholarships. You may apply for federal and state grants online at www.studentaid.gov. Please be sure to list the four-year institution you will be attending as the home institutions.