Student Complaints Resolution

Hazard Community and Technical College and its faculty and staff are committed to providing a quality educational experience, fully supported by a range of academic and administrative services and facilities. On occasion, however, things may not go right, and the College recognizes the need for students to be able to express their dissatisfaction when this happens.

Procedure for Complaints - Academic Rights 

When a student believes his/her academic rights have been violated they must follow the appeals process outlined in the KCTCS Code of Student Conduct on page 10. Students should review these rights carefully. 

Procedure for Complaints - Other Than Academic Rights

The procedure is divided into two stages:

  • Informal Stage - The student should attempt to contact the person or people involved for a face-to-face meeting to resolve the issue. If the student is not able to resolve the issue by meeting face-to-face with the person or people involved, the student should contact the unit director/head of the department in which the student feels aggrieved.
  • Formal Stage - If after the above informal process the student still is not satisfied, the student will file a formal complaint form through the President’s Office. A “Formal Complaint Form" has been developed and has been placed on the Hazard Community and Technical College (HCTC) website. The President’s Office will assign the complaint to the appropriate institutional leader for investigation and recommendation for resolution.