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Technical Campus History

The Technical Campus of HCTC has a rich history of providing quality career and technical training since opening its doors at the site of the Hazard Water Plant in 1945 under the name Hazard Area Vocational School.  Devert Owens was appointed founding director, followed by Walter Prater (also regional director), Finley Begley (regional director), and Connie Johnson. During many years of service, the school was renamed and repositioned until it was assigned to the Kentucky Cabinet for Workforce Development in 1990 and became part of the Kentucky Community and Technical College System (KCTCS) in 1997.

While vocational programming was offered in Hazard from 1942 to 1945 as an extension center under the direction of Mayo State Vocational School, Roy G. Eversole, the Superintendent of the Hazard Independent Board of Education, reorganized the school on an area basis in the building adjacent to the Hazard Water Plant in August, 1945.  It became one of thirteen area schools located throughout Kentucky.  The school was under the administration of the Hazard Independent Board of Education. Training was open only to veterans, with a total enrollment of 30 students.

The Perry County Fiscal Court gave the property in Walkertown for the campus in 1949.  In 1962, the Hazard Area Vocational School became the Hazard State Vocational-Technical School operated by the Division of Vocational Education, State Department of Education.  In 1968, with the reorganization of the vocational education regions, the vocational education centers were placed under the direction of the Hazard State Vocational-Technical School.

In 1990, the Kentucky legislature created the state-wide Kentucky TECH system of technical schools, operated by the Department for Adult and Technical Education, Workforce Development Cabinet.  In May 1997, House Bill 1, the Kentucky Postsecondary Education Improvement Act was passed creating the new Kentucky Community and Technical College System.  This new KCTCS system established a Community College Branch that includes 13 community colleges and the Technical College Branch that includes 15 technical colleges with 10 campus branches and/or extensions.  At this time, the Hazard Regional Technology Center became the Technical Campus of Hazard Community and Technical College.