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Associate in Fine Arts

The Associate in Fine Arts degree program (AFA in Visual Art) is designed for students who plan to transfer to a four-year institution in order to pursue a BFA in the Visual Arts and/or a career in arts-related areas requiring pre-professional credentials. The program includes general education requirements, visual arts foundation courses in drawing, design and art history, as well as a wide variety of studio art electives. Students will focus on the development of artistic skills and a visual vocabulary for personal expression, while exploring both traditional and nontraditional art areas. Classes will also encourage analytical and creative problem solving skills and experience in both verbal presentation of ideas and critical concepts. A personal portfolio of artwork will be a tangible result of a student completing this program.

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Credentials Offered

Associate in Fine Arts Degree

  • Visual Arts

More Information:

Michael S. Flynn, Program Coordinator
(606) 487-3113

Leila Smith, Academic Dean of General Education
(606) 487-3504

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