HCTC Organizational Charts

HCTC is organized around service centers that operate within a supportive hierarchical structure.  This blended hierarchy/matrix approach allows the College to respond quickly to student, faculty, staff, and community needs.  The supportive hierarchy maintains a solid structure, while HCTC's collaborative service centers increase convenience by providing flexibility.

Operating within the underlying, supportive hierarchy, a team-based Service Centers approach improves convenience and effectiveness...allowing the College to respond quickly to needs; strongly and collaboratively support goals; and overcome any barriers that might otherwise inhibit success.  Team-based relationships are depicted for a variety of services offered by the College, both internally and externally.  These communication and collaboration maps offer a backdrop for operational planning tied to overall strategic goals; define primary, significant, and supportive relationships across departments; and underscore the interrelated nature of a team-based environment necessary to perform at a high level while continually improving.