Current Events

November 18- March 2 2017

Surgical Technology Program Pre-Admission Conference Schedule

10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
November 30- March 1 2017

EMS-Paramedic Program Pre-Admission Conference Schedule

2:00 PM - 3:00 PM
January 16- February 2 2017

Radiography pre-admission conferences

5:00 PM - 6:00 PM
April 21-22 2017

Hand-Made in Hindman

Hindman - Kentucky School of Craft building

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KCTCS Intranet Upgrade

The KCTCS Intranet. Bringing content, collaboration and HR PeopleSoft functionality together, the Upgraded Intranet is here.

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Vehicle Trip Report

This report is to be completed and returned to the designated person at the conclusion of every trip in which one of the college vehicles is used. The vehicle is to be returned to the campus with a full tank of gasoline and is to be cleaned inside Gasoline receipts are to be attached to this report form. Return car keys to the drop box in the Front Foyer by the elevator.

Vehicle Trip Report
Take a picture of ecan Gasoline recepits and send them via email to


Meet HCTC’s new reference librarian: Evelyn Hudson January 18, 2017

Meet HCTC’s new reference librarian: Evelyn Hudson

"HCTC libraries also have a unique focus on Appalachian culture, which should be preserved and passed on. I grew up immersed in it, heard much of the colorful local history from my grandfather, listened to bluegrass music, my grandmother sang me church hymns, and I spent more time in the hills than I did in my house. I am excited about working with a book collection that focuses on something so close to my heart." Evelyn Hudson
Charmoin Holliday joins HCTC faculty January 12, 2017

Charmoin Holliday joins HCTC faculty

Charmoin Holliday is teaching Medical Information Technology courses through the Learn on Demand program (EPIC).
Doug Fraley retires from HCTC after 31 years December 15, 2016

Doug Fraley retires from HCTC after 31 years

“I could not have scripted my career any better than it has turned out. I have had such a blast working with all of my colleagues and our students."  Doug Fraley