Cost and Financial Aid
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Net Price Calculator

HCTC is pleased to provide this Net Price Calculator as a guide to estimate financial aid eligibility based on information you provide to assist you in planning for college.

Estimates are based on the information you provide and comparisons to the actual awards received by full-time, first-time students who attended during the 2016-2017 academic year. Remember that this estimate does not represent a final determination or actual award. All financial aid awards/ estimates are subject to change based on regulations, federal/state appropriations, any changes in your financial circumstances, and other factors.

Costs and Financial Aid

Student loan changes: an important message for students and parents

If you're planning on student loans to help pay for your KCTCS education—even if you already have a loan—some recent changes to the law affect you. These changes are good news for student loan borrowers, but they do require you to take some steps in order to receive your loans.  Read all about it here.

Cash Course

Cash Course offers tips on budgeting, protecting your credit, how to stretch your dollar and more!

A College for our Community!

A college education is an excellent investment in your future. A degree, diploma, or certificate will pay off throughout your career—in higher salaries, better professional opportunities, and personal satisfaction. 

HCTC is dedicated to providing you with a high quality, affordable education.  We believe that everyone should have access to higher education, and we offer a range of options to assist you in achieving your goals.  Through the offerings of federal and state grants, work-study opportunities, loan programs, scholarships and payment plans, students are able to obtain the education they desire.

No-Show Process

Federal regulations require HCTC to verify that students receiving financial aid are attending or participating in each class. If a student is not attending or participating in a class, he or she is not eligiable to receive financial aid for that class or classes. HCTC uses No-Show process to verify students attendance in classes. For more information about the No-Show process, click here.

If a student is confirmed as a No-Show, the student's financial aid will be adjusted and a student will receive aid based upon the actual number of classes the student is attending(this will be less than the amount the student originally was awarded). Additionally, if you decide you do not want to take one or more of your classes after you register for them, make sure you drop them during the drop/add period. To avoid problems with the No-Show process, attend/participate in your classes! it is as simple as that!


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